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Bansky’s art heading to Melbourne

Banksy’s work will be heading to Melbourne, Australia.  Melbourne’s Mayor has announced that this will be the biggest exhibition of Banksy’s work.  The Art of Banksy will run for three months and opens on the 7th October. As Melbourne is well known worldwide as a hub for graffiti artists it seems only appropriate that the exhibition is held here.  

This exhibition will include over 80…

Getting political with graffiti murals in Melbourne

Lushsux is popular street artist in Melbourne, Australia. His work is renowned worldwide. In 2015 Lushsux was the only Australian that was invited to contribute to Banksy’s Dismalandshow in the UK. His most recent work has gotten worldwide attention which includes his graffiti artwork that depicts Kim Kardashian, Kanye, Taylor Swift and Donald Trump.

Lushsux has created a number of…

Graffiti made from smog is a reality

It has just been announced that the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached threshold limits.  By exceeding 400 parts per million (PPM), we have caused permanent damage to planet Earth and are now at risk of endangering inhabitants and all ecosystems.  Global warming is a real problem that we will be dealing with for many years to come. Air pollution is the main cause of this…

Pressure washing after floods

There have been Super-storms in south Australia this week!

There has been wild weather, strong winds and a state-wide electricity black out. People have needed to flee there houses as the huge downpour has caused exceptional flooding in a very short amount of time. Seventy three millimetres of rains was recorded within the catchments in just 36 hours. People have been warned against using…

Spraycations in Melbourne

The police have admitted that Melbourne is the national capital of graffiti and increasingly more international vandals are coming for ¨spraycations¨.

These people are spreading the plague of graffiti throughout the city, while cleaning is paid for with public money.

Last year Metro Trains spent $10 million, City of Melbourne spent $800,000 and VicRoads spent $380,000 on cleaning u…

Problems in Hosier Lane and its graffiti.

Street art in Melbourne faces a real threat

After Herald Sun journalists investigated the drug abuse and anti-social behavior in Hoiser Lane, Mayor Robert Doyle announced that the council is seriously considering installing security cameras in the most famous graffiti and street art attractions in Melbourne.

“A few years ago we had drug use related problems, burned garbage cans and anti-social conduct in that lane, and we considered…

Graffiti in Rio welcomes the Olympics.

Before the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Rio 2016, the first record of the city will be achieved, but not on the race track or the pool. It’s a huge mural called ¨We are all one¨.

The mural is at the port in an area that has been rejuvenated for The Games. Eduardo Kobra is the graffiti artist creator of this impressive work.

An impressive world record using spray cans and…

Pokemon Go in Melbourne: Discovering Graffiti

Pokemon GO App in Melbourne

This week we served two customers that needed graffiti removed. In both cases the graffiti attack was discovered when they walked out of their house using the back door, as they were accompanying their children who were playing Pokemon Go. One of them told us: “We never use the back door and that is why we hadn’t realised that our wall had been graffitied.”

What is Pokemon Go? It is the most…

Homophobic Graffiti: a hurtful trend

Each graffiti attack is unique, and the causes and consequences they have. Homophobic attacks must be removed immediately and when we have an emergency like this, we make it our priority. Removing graffiti in Melbourne that hurts vulnerable minorities is something that should never happen, thus we always respond immediately when we are informed about such incidents.

The LGBT community has been…

Euro Cup 2016: Graffiti and Violence.

Graffiti left by Russian and English Hooligans is only a small part of the damage they have done in every city where their respective teams have played.

The authorities and some private businesses have taken up the matter and graffiti cleaning services have begun their work and they have no plans to stop removing the graffiti at least until the European Championship ends.

Since t…

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