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Good side of graffiti, bringing children together

The English artists Rosie Woods painted a stunning and colourful cockatoo in the new post office building at Emu Park in Queensland. The graffiti impressed all the residents and brought together children that were interested in the artists’ process.

Rosie was commissioned by the Livingstone Shire Council as part of the Placemaking program to paint a mural. The artist mentioned that t…

Neo-Nazi group attacks with racist graffiti

NSW and Victoria have been attacked once again with anti-Semitic displays of intolerance, to the point that leaders from the community and even MPs have raised the voice with concerns about the upsurge in bigotry.

The group, presumably in charge of these intolerance displays is called Antipodean Resistance (AR), an extreme right-wing organization formed in Melbourne in 2016, which has been…

Graffiti network in Melbourne struck by police

The police have conducted a major operation to dismantle a graffiti network that have been attacking the public transport network in Melbourne for over a year now. The alleged vandals have perpetuated over 145 assaults causing expenses over $100,000 in graffiti removal since March 2017.

The police executed nine warrants in five suburbs across the west of Melbourne, including Tarneit,…

Racist graffiti against Greek and Macedonian community

Another racist attack has been registered, this time the target was the Macedonian community in Melbourne. In the past weeks at least two buildings were vandalised with violent and racist graffiti. Fortunately, the graffiti removal in this case was prompt and performed by the local council and police.

The first attack was directed to the Lalor United Sloga Football Club building, in the nort…

Newest train corridor covered with graffiti

The newest train line corridor in Melbourne has been vandalised with graffiti in an extension that runs for kilometres. The stations that run on the Frankston line were only opened in 2016 but is now a corridor that is full of graffiti. It went from a shiny appearance to a complete disaster covered with tags and graffiti.
Unfortunately, the graffiti removal works are being held back due to t…

H&M is fighting graffiti and street art

The giant of low price fashionable clothes, H&M made a move that street artists considered as a direct attack to art and artists’ rights, bringing a lot of attention around the world.

It all started when the brand used street art from Jason “REVOK” Williams, in one of their ad campaigns without any sort of approval from the artist. As a response, “REVOK” wrote a letter asking t…

Veterans’ association Tabruk House attacked with graffiti

The Rats of Tobruk Association House located in Albert Park has been vandalised with graffiti for the fourth time in the past three months, as the facade of the building represents a white canvas for taggers.

The veterans gained recognition because they held out a siege during eight months by Irwin Rommel, a German general and his Afrika Corps. The Rats of Tobruk, mainly Australian, along wit…

Memorials in Melbourne vandalised with graffiti

The past Australia Day was once again the centre of the debate, when Captain Cook’s statue at St Kilda was covered in pink paint and tagged with the words “no pride”. Also, the memorial to Burke and Wills located near the Melbourne Zoo, was vandalized with green paint and the words “stolen”, both attacks were made a day before Australia Day. As a result, the council increased t…

Tower Melbourne site ordered to clean graffiti

The site called ‘Tower Melbourne’ in the corner of Bourke and Queen streets in the Melbourne CBD, was meant to be a mega tower of apartments with 71 storeys. The dream included an impressive building that would represent living in the heart of Melbourne, but the dream was cancelled when the development company abandoned all plans to continue with the construction.

As soon as the building…

Victoria’s measures against graffiti

A new measure to prevent graffiti has started to become popular among Victoria’s Mayor, it consists of street art or murals specifically painted in hotspots where taggers used to commit offences.

This measure prevents the councils from spending more resources on graffiti removal because it protects local buildings. Another alternative to this is applying protective coatings, so when you ar…

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