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Absolutely. Before we start working, we offer a free trial so you can see the results we can achieve in any surface.                                                                        

1) Time: A recent attack will be easier and cheaper to remove than one that has been there for months or years. 

2) Paint Type: As we have explained, not all attacks are the same. Even though spray paint attacks are the most common, other materials such as industrial paints or tar require more advanced chemicals to be removed.

3) Thickness or Coatings: It is not unusual that one graffiti covers another  graffiti and so on and so forth. Sometimes what seems like an attack are in reality many attacks that have accumulated for a long time.

4) Surface: Especially old bricks are very porous and we need to be careful with the technique used to avoid damaging the mortar which keeps them together. If these joints are harmed, the damage to the wall is Permanent.

5) Location: It is not the same to carry out Graffiti Removal at ground level than on an inclined ceiling of a building several meters high where specialized equipment is needed to access it.

We offer services for commercial and domestic sectors.  The most cleaned surfaces include floors, parking lots, sidewalks, walls, facades, paved area, hardwood floors, pools and their surroundings. We remove moss, mold, gum, dirt accumulation, salt deposits, graffiti and a vast variety of stains.

Yes, not only for graffiti removal, but also for hard surface cleaning and application of protective coatings. We usually respond within an hour.

For more information, please contact us at 0422-685-688.  We offer free quotes.

Yes. To completely and safely remove graffiti, ABLATE has specialized equipment and procedures to ensure that we will not damage the surface.

Both mold and moss are organisms that by clinging and accumulating in a certain surface, they begin to damage it. Their removal is not only aesthetic, but also brings hygienic and safety benefits.

We operate throughout Melbourne, the metro area, including the remote suburbs.



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