Graffiti Removal

ABLATE: No trace is left behind.


We remove graffiti ASAP, restoring the surface back to its original state without damaging it!


We offer fast response graffiti removal services in the Melbourne area and its surroundings. The graffiti removal service should be done earliest as possible; this is particularly crucial because once the graffiti is completely removed, it will greatly minimise the chances of being vandalised again.

We can remove graffiti from virtually any surface without damaging it because we have high performance equipment and highly specialised technicians in surfaces restoration.

Your property with graffiti will look terrible, but ineffective attempts to remove it look just as bad or worse. Unfortunately, many efforts to remove graffiti are inappropriate, sometimes causing permanent damage to the surfaces.

Problems arise when amateurs use methods that can be destructive. The causes are many:

  •  Incorrect substances are used to remove the graffiti.
  •  Incorrect techniques are used.
  • Amateurs are not trained and may not be able to use products appropriately.

Avoid problems, we use environmentally friendly substances and your property will be in perfect conditions. With Ablate, no trace is left behind.

Graffiti Removal: Trucks and Vehicles

We are experts in graffiti removal  from trucks and other vehicles. If you leave your truck parked outside and it gets “tagged”, you do not have to worry, we will clean it without any damage.

Do not worry if your truck has stamps or logos. We will leave them intact so you can advertise your business rather than promoting graffiti that has been left on your vandalised truck.

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