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World Cup graffiti

The World Cup brought more than football to Russia, it brought art to the hosting cities. There was a bloom of graffiti that pictured not only players but also traditional symbols from Russia and memorable occurrences from the 2018 World Cup.

Probably the two most iconic pieces were the faces of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, which were painted in Kazan. Both were painted by the artist…

Memorial of Eurydice Dixon painted with offensive graffiti.

The public memorial for Eurydice Dixon was vandalised with offensive graffiti on the same day a public vigil in her honour was held. Firefighters had to remove the graffiti with a high-pressure hose.

Eurydice was a 22 year old comedian who was raped and murdered by a man who has been identified as Jaymes Todd, 19. He has been now charged with rape and murder. Ms Dixon’s body was found by…

Three dead graffiti artists in London

Three men were killed by a freight train in south-west London, while they were trying to create graffiti in the area. The victims were identified as Jack Gilbert, 23, Harrison Scott-Hood, 23, and Alberto Fresneda Carrasco, 19, whom were presumably painting graffiti because spray cans were found close to their bodies.

The incident happened between Brixton and Loughborough stations, and t…

Racist graffiti on Sydney’s University

The worst type of graffiti

Racist graffiti was found in the University of Sydney, the target on this occasion were Asians. With tags reading ‘Stop the Asian invasion’ or ‘Kill all Asians’, the campus was attacked with graffiti and also posters. The residential college housing building ‘International House’, which harbour more than 200 students from Australia and overseas, was also attacked along with bus stops…

Graffiti problem in Melbourne transport

There are many consequences of graffiti offences in the public transport, from increasing costs of removal to accidents and delays. The annual expense of cleaning up across the network has increased to over $10 million, money that could be used to improve the network instead.

Every month, tags have to be removed from stations and trains, Metro numbers account for around 1500 tags in stations,…

Graffiti all over the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated on 19th May, brought a lot of attention to Windsor, a small town situated 34 km to the west of London. The historic town is known to be the place of one of the official residences of the British Royal Family, therefore it has always been a protected area.

Prior to the historic wedding, someone started to spray-paint the word…

Good side of graffiti, bringing children together

The English artists Rosie Woods painted a stunning and colourful cockatoo in the new post office building at Emu Park in Queensland. The graffiti impressed all the residents and brought together children that were interested in the artists’ process.

Rosie was commissioned by the Livingstone Shire Council as part of the Placemaking program to paint a mural. The artist mentioned that t…

Neo-Nazi group attacks with racist graffiti

NSW and Victoria have been attacked once again with anti-Semitic displays of intolerance, to the point that leaders from the community and even MPs have raised the voice with concerns about the upsurge in bigotry.

The group, presumably in charge of these intolerance displays is called Antipodean Resistance (AR), an extreme right-wing organization formed in Melbourne in 2016, which has been…

Graffiti network in Melbourne struck by police

The police have conducted a major operation to dismantle a graffiti network that have been attacking the public transport network in Melbourne for over a year now. The alleged vandals have perpetuated over 145 assaults causing expenses over $100,000 in graffiti removal since March 2017.

The police executed nine warrants in five suburbs across the west of Melbourne, including Tarneit,…

Racist graffiti against Greek and Macedonian community

Another racist attack has been registered, this time the target was the Macedonian community in Melbourne. In the past weeks at least two buildings were vandalised with violent and racist graffiti. Fortunately, the graffiti removal in this case was prompt and performed by the local council and police.

The first attack was directed to the Lalor United Sloga Football Club building, in the nort…

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