Graffiti removal, Protective coatings and Hard surface cleaning

Street art to prevent graffiti

Painting murals to fight graffiti

During the first weekend of August, Inner West Council celebrated the Perfect Match initiative, aimed to prevent unwanted graffiti and also as a measure to increase the resources allocated for graffiti removal. The weekend included three days of free street art, culture tours and neighbourhood celebrations.

This is the fourth year that the program has taken place and it was originally…

Graffiti swastikas covered with art

Using art to combat hate

A new way to deal with anti-Semitism vandalism has risen, swastikas painted in public spaces are being creatively covered, just another alternative to graffiti removal. It all started in Germany, with a street-art collective from Berlin called Paintback.

The idea came from artist Ibo Omari, who owns a graffiti supply store in Berlin, it was there when one of his customers, not a regular one,…

Has the identity of the world’s best-known graffiti artist revealed?

Banksy is one of the most recognised street performers in the world and has maintained his anonymity for years; it is known that he is an established artist in England, but it is not known exactly where he was born.

As the best known graffiti artist today, fans and the general public are interested in knowing the identity behind the artist. The most popular theory indicates that the genius…

Wave of anti-Islam graffiti in the United Kingdom

Last Thursday the Turkish Kebab House restaurant located on Beersbridge Road, Belfast was attacked with anti-Islamic graffiti. The incident occurred between 12:00 and 7:30 am, police said.

The aggression was considered as a hate crime motivated by racism for what the police are already investigating. Andy Allen, MLA of East Belfast and a member of the UUP Assembly, condemned the incident as a…

Street art of Melbourne has an advantage over Sydney

Melbourne is regarded by locals as one of the best cultural destinations in the world. This includes its side streets and alleys that are filled with street art, an enviable musical scene and world-class art institutions. Interestingly internationally, Sydney continues to appear as the main Australian city when we speak of cultural and creative capitals.

A recent study commissioned by t…

Melbourne’s most prolific graffiti vandal is jailed

Nost is recognized as one of the most prolific graffiti artists in Melbourne, it is impossible to know how many times he has painted those four letters in places where thousands of people can see it besides trains which have already been cleaned.

Nost’s real name is Shane Newman and has recently been charged with more than 30 felonies including robbery, transgression, damages, felony offenses…

New tool to detect graffiti vandals in the act.

New technology is in use since late last year on Sydney trains to detect when a vandal is making graffiti. The tool consists of a sensor that acts as an electronic nose that detects the presence of paint fumes or markers.

It is very common to find graffiti in public transport around the world, as it is a very easy and quick offense. Usually it is spray marks or markers that are difficult to…

A colourful graffiti mural of Messi is lost

Messi mural

The graffiti artist, known as AX Colors, Adrià Bosch made a new tribute to Leo Messi on June 14, dedicating a mural in the “Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies” (Garden of the three fireplaces) in the neighborhood of Poble Sec in Barcelona. This popular space is known for being a place where graffiti artists can compete by displaying their best work on large cement walls.

Bosch, who is a fan of…

Melbourne street art female scene

The street art female scene in Melbourne is growing, while in the past it was dominated by males, probably because of the risks that it involves, now the number of women creating art, here and all over the world, is increasing. Some of the names that are growing in Melbourne are:


Vexta is a veteran of street art, she was born in Australia and started doing tags and stencils in her…

‘Boll-art’ permitted in Melbourne

After the attack in Bourke Street earlier in the year, where six people were killed and dozens were injured, around 200 concrete cubes were placed around the city as a protective measure to block vehicle attacks to pedestrians. The action seems to be more than necessary since the amount of this kind of attacks has been rising all over the world, including cities such as London and Berlin.


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