Graffiti removal, Protective coatings and Hard surface cleaning

Comprehension of graffiti and its reasons.

Providing long therm solutions to graffiti in Melbourne

It is important to understand why certain individuals feel attracted to graffiti in Melbourne in order to perform prevention effective strategies. We have to recognise that people involved or part of graffiti creation do not belong to a homogeneous group, and likewise graffiti has not an equal category as well as reasons to make it.

Individuals involved in graffiti world in Melbourne are young…

The impact of graffiti in Melbourne’s security.

Graffiti in Melbourne

It is difficult to estimate damaging costs due to graffiti use and graffiti removal in Melbourne. However, federal and state costs, local government and private owners are considerable. Estimated cost due to gang-made damages in Australia including but not limited to graffiti is about $1.5 billion annual Australian dollars, so this is a conservative figure because such value is based on damaging…

Different kinds of graffiti in Melbourne and graffiti related-activities

Graffiti Removal

Here is a list with all the different kinds of graffiti:

1) The Tagger graffiti is a kind of graffiti made in order to be recognised, renowned and have status. They are stressed so as to be seen in as many places as possible and generally, they are the entry point to the graffiti world and are made by beginners. They are sometimes made in pairs or groups but with individual signatures.


Why there is graffiti in my property?

Graffiti is defined as the act of marking a property without permission with symbols, words or graphics. In this context, any graffiti in Melbourne is illegal and that‘s why it is strongly penalised in Australia.
Graffiti is not a simple and homogeneous problem. There are many types of graffiti and each has a different profile. The Hip Hop Graffiti originated in the United States and it is…

The Problem of Graffiti in Melbourne


We are a specialised company in removing graffiti in Melbourne as well as in the application of anti-graffiti coatings. Our mission is that Melbourne continues to be an attractive city and reach its full potential. To help us achieve our objectives, we believe it is important to understand the key factors of the graffiti problem in Melbourne. This way we can be better informed to mak…

Penalties and fines for doing graffiti in Melbourne

We remove graffiti

The maximum penalty for an offender is sentenced to 2 years in prison and a maximum penalty of $24,000.

Up to now, the best strategy is to remove graffiti as soon as it appears, to prevent it from spreading. In the long term we expect all these strategies together with citizen participation will permanently eradicate the graffiti problem. Meanwhile, if you’ve been the victim of a graffit…

Consider this if you want to remove the graffiti by yourself.

Graffiti Removal

When you’ve been the victim of a graffiti attack, you feel justifiably frustrated and angry. Your home, business or trucks are part of your property and no one has the right to damage it.
If you think removing the graffiti by yourself instead of calling us, you have to keep the following considerations:
Time – Specialised products to remove graffiti are not sold in supermarkets and department…

Facts about graffiti in Melbourne

Graffiti vandalism is a major problem that can cost million of dollars in taxes that are destined for graffiti removal Melbourne. There are some graffiti that is beautiful street art but the majority are obscenities or tags that ruin public and private property.

Graffitti tags in Melbourne are generally the taggers initials or a symbol that their friends will recognize Graffiti tagging…

Graffiti Removal Melbourne

Graffiti removal Melbourne is not like any type of cleaning, it can become quite complicated. It is important to understand the material that has been vandalized and have the knowledge to perform an immaculate graffiti removal. It is a task that must be done by the specialists, such as Ablate.

It is a serious problem when public spaces are vandalized with graffiti. The majority of graffit…

Paint as a weapon

It is no secret that paint can be used to block a security camera’s view. It is an effective method,if the purpose is to make little noise, or the camera is out of reach.
If one or more security cameras in your home or business have been attacked with paint, grease or any other substance, you can be sure that the vandals did it to commit a serious illegal act.

Thieves usually attack…

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