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Poster Removal

Poster Removal
There is a trend that is becoming more popular in Melbourne, which is undoubtedly the same or even worse than graffiti attack. We are talking about illegal posters.

Illegal posters make buildings look dirty and unoccupied. If the posters are not removed in time, the likelihood that the property will soon be attacked by graffiti and other vandalism increases…

Not all graffiti is considered vandalism

Graffiti removal Melbourne
The vast majority of the graffiti removed in Melbourne are tags. Some of them are simple scratches, names, signatures or initials. A small part of them contains a phrase or some type of content.

All these graffiti attacks are obviously considered offensive, unsightly and like they affect the perception of security in an area. Nobody would like their business or hom…

A small defeat for graffiti removers, a small victory for graffiti offenders.

Graffiti Removal Melbourne
A few months ago, the subway announced that from now on, some trains with graffiti will operate on a regular basis.

The company policy was that trains would not operate until graffiti had been completely removed. The problem was that some trains could not operate on early mornings, and sometimes even all day.

This caused delays and cancelation of some trips. A…

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