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Graffiti Removal, Protective Coatings and Hard Surface Cleaning


  • Our Goal
With our graffiti removal service is to respond as quickly and safely as possible. We fully eliminate graffiti from the affected areas and return it to its original state. We will not damage the original surface and we do all this while keeping the environment safe. We are proud of our customer service. We envision a Melbourne that is a clean and healthy community. We want to help maintain our attractive city and let Melbourne reach its full potential.
  • Choose wisely
Have you recently discovered that you are a victim of graffiti?. We understand that you want to remove it IMMEDIATELY. Fortunately, that is what we do best. Our graffiti removal team will respond quickly, accurately and without damaging the surface of your property. We offer affordable solutions and all works comply with the necessary safety standards. We have the expertise to remove graffiti and restore virtually any surface to its original state.  
  • Time is essential

It is important to know that the best strategy is to remove the graffiti as soon as possible. Removal of graffiti is much more effective when done immediately and the chances of future attacks are greatly decreased when it is cleared away within the first 48 hours. Early graffiti removal prevents assets from appearing uncared for and is the key to successful graffiti prevention.  We offer graffiti removal emergency services 24 hours all year round.

  • Caution
In this industry, you have to be extremely careful with whom you trust. Using chemicals incorrectly to remove graffiti usually turns out for the worst, sometimes with irreversible damage. We are constantly called to finish work carried out by people without the necessary experience in removing graffiti. Do not risk your assets, we guarantee your satisfaction.  In fact, we can do a FREE test,  so you can see the results that we are going to achieve.  
  • Experience

Vandalism and graffiti offences comes in many different forms. Although attacks are mainly done with spray cans, the materials used to tag are only limited by the imagination of the attacker, for instance; crayons, wax, permanent paint, chemicals, markers, organic substances and others. We can solve practically any attack on any surface without damaging it, including brick, wood, render, concrete, painted surfaces, glass, metal, colorbond, you name it.

  •  Knowledge and Technology
are the backbone of our operations to remove and restore surfaces attacked by graffiti. That is why we are equipped with advanced technology, specialized tools and the best chemicals in the market to perform a quick and efficient service. The chemicals we apply are biodegradable, Neutral pH, non-corrosive, low odor, non-flammable and non-toxic. This way we barely impact the environment when performing our graffiti removal procedures.
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