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Pressure Washing

We provide FAST and outstanding results with our pressure washing service in Melbourne!

Ablate offers a professional pressure washing service in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We offer our pressure washing services to all industrial, commercial and residential clients.

We pressure washing services as an efficient and eco-friendly way to clean your warehouse, storefront or home with minimal disruptions.
Pressure cleaning is not just for walls! We offer pressure cleaning services that can remove dirt, grease, and stains from driveways, paving, patios, roofs and even parking lots.

anti graffiti coating
  1. 1

    Extend the life of your building by blasting away dirt and stains.

  2. 2
    Immaculate surfaces

    Our detergent that penetrates deep is used to kill fungi and spores.

  3. 3
    Long term effects

    Extend the life of your building by blasting away dirt and stains.

What are the benefits of pressure washing my building?

Pressure cleaning your building is a fast and cost-effective way to keep your building looking clean and well maintained while reducing future maintenance costs.
Investing in regular pressure cleaning will reduce the chances of dirt, mould and grime building up in cracks and on surfaces, which may cause damage or stains to your building facade.

We got you covered for any pressure washing job! Whether you need to clean up a building’s exterior, prepare your roof or walls before painting, or you want to spruce up
your home before a sale, we have extensive knowledge on how to use high-pressure cleaners and cleaning products correctly, and on the various surfaces that can be

Pressure washing Services In Melbourne Pressure washing Services In Melbourne

Long term benefits

Your surfaces will be like new

Our process for cleaning all types of surfaces, not only removes dirt with the use of a high-powered pressurised water machine, but we use specific eco-friendly detergents that penetrate deeply and are used to kill the mould and spores that cause unsightly stains.

Keeping dirt, mould and spores under control with pressure cleaning, will reduce the irreversible damage they can cause, and reduce the costs of building maintenance in the long term.


Mould and fungi-free

Make a property much healthier

In addition, Ablate can apply long-lasting protective coatings that will prevent water and grease from infiltrating the cracks and crannies in your surfaces. That way, you do not have to worry about oil spots on your driveway or grease spots on your patio after a BBQ. By preventing water from entering a surface you reduce the risk of moulds and fungi forming, which can cause unsightly stains and more damage to your building surfaces in the long term.

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Thinking about selling your home?

Showing your home in an immaculate condition is a smart strategy for a quick sale.

You can make a great impression on prospective buyers by making sure your outdoor areas are clean, your pathways and patios are gleaming like new, and your outside walls are clean, fungi, mould and moss free.

Ablate can pressure clean the outside of your home with a minimum of fuss, which will certainly make your property look much healthier and more appealing to prospective buyers.

Need to spruce up a commercial building?

Your commercial space needs to look neat and attractive to increase your foot traffic and draw in potential customers.

You can make a great impression on prospective clients by pressure cleaning your building facade, pavements and parking areas. Pressure washing is also a fast and cost-efficient solution to extending the life of your commercial property.

Ablate offers pressure cleaning services at a competitive rate and with a minimum amount of disruptions to your business, employees and customers.

Graffiti Removal Graffiti Removal

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    Anti Graffiti Coatings Save me money?

    If you have a high profile site and get ‘tagged’ by a graffiti vandal at least once a month, the answer is YES. The investment in a quality coating will reduce removal costs and pay for itself over the life of the coating. The other benefit of an anti-graffiti coating is that your building will be easier to clean from dirt and pollution and be better protected from damp and mould reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

    Graffti Coatings come in colours?

    All coatings are available in clear. The acrylic range of Long Life coatings can be tinted to any colour from the Australian Standard Colour chart. So yes… long life coatings come in colours.

    Gloss vs matt finish

    The new range of Graffiti Eaters Invisible Coatings work extremely well on masonry surfaces and are invisible, without a sheen level at all for property owners who want protection without a noticeable appearance. These coatings require pressurised water in the removal process.

    Can I do it myself?

    While it’s possible to apply sacrificial coatings yourself, it’s always recommended to have the coatings professionally applied. Coatings require experience and training to get them to adhere correctly and cure properly. Coatings also have specific health and safety requirements that require the expertise of an approved graffiti coating applicator. Surfaces must be prepared without flaky paint, debris, moss, water stains, or dirt. Coatings are only covered under warranty when they have been applied by an approved applicator.