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Ablate offers a fast poster removal service in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our fast and reliable poster removal service.

Generally, illegal posters promote events that you probably do not want to be associated with. It is an unauthorised form of advertising in public places which is classed as an anti-social activity that quickly creates a negative impression of an area. Therefore illegal posters need to be removed fast. 

If illegal posters are not removed quickly, they will attract even more illegal advertising and within in a couple of weeks, the layers of posters will become thicker and thicker, and more difficult to remove. This is one of the reasons why we recommend poster removal as soon as they are spotted.

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    No Damage

    We can remove illegal posters from virtually any surface without damaging it.

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    Poster removal will reduce costs in terms of reducing the chances of future ille

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    We employ highly qualified technicians who have experience with multiple types o

Looking for a poster removal service in Melbourne? When illegal posters are pasted onto buildings and public spaces, it makes them look unsightly and neglected. Illegal posters contribute to your property looking poorly maintained, dirty or even abandoned. But the real problem with illegal posters is not just the immediate negative aesthetics; they make a building more at risk of being attacked by graffiti artists or any other type of vandalism.

The Ablate professional poster removal service offers:

Undamaged surfaces

Poster removal with no damage to underlying surfaces

Our priority is to perform the job in the safest and most eco-friendly manner while also providing you with optimal results. This means that we aim to completely remove all the glue and the posters, but also to keep the underneath surface undamaged during the whole process.

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The job will be done in the right way

By hiring our services, Ablate guarantees that your job will be done in the right way and without causing any problems. We understand that you want to keep your property clean and in excellent condition. Ablate provides maintenance and cleaning services to all types of buildings, road corridors and bridges, so we have the necessary experience, technology and technicians required for your project. We don’t need to tell you that properly maintaining your property will even add to your property’s value.

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24 hours Poster Removalist in Melbourne 24 hours Poster Removalist in Melbourne

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We start by protecting the work area with safety cones. We remove as many posters as possible by hand and with scrapers. Then, the remaining scraps are blasted off with pressurised hot water, which completely dissolves the glue and leaves a clean surface. Lastly, all the waste is collected and put in the trash.

24 hours Poster Removalist in Melbourne Remove posters in Melbourne

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    How can I prevent illegal posters?

    While it is difficult to prevent illegal posters entirely, there are some preventative measures you can take. We recommend that postal removal from the area that has become a target should be done ASAP to discourage future applications. If you are experiencing illegal posters on your building regularly you may consider a coating that makes poster removal easier.

    What is our Poster Removal Procedure?

    Our team will then remove as many posters as possible by hand and with the use of scrapers. Once the loose material has been removed, the remaining scraps are blasted off with pressurised hot water. The pressurised hot water will dissolve the remaining glue residue and leave a clean surface. Lastly, all the waste is collected and put in the trash.

    Does Ablate uses chemicals?

    If the glue residue cannot be removed by cleaning with pressurised hot water only, a mild chemical cleaning solution may be applied to achieve perfect results.

    What kind of surfaces you can clean?

    The poster removal process can be carried out on a number of different types of surfaces including brickwork, cement, wood, painted surfaces and even glass windows without causing any damage to the original surface.