anti graffiti coating

Anti Graffiti Coating

If taggers constantly attack your property, get a protective layer or anti-graffiti coating to solve this recurring problem!

Increases the value of your property! These protective coatings let the surface “breathe” and protect it from dirt and other contaminants such as dirt and smog; extending its life and reducing maintenance costs.

anti graffiti coating
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    They do not change the aesthetic appearance of the surface.

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    It will reduce costs in terms of time, money and energy in future events.

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    Can be applied on virtually any surface: brick, concrete, billboards, wood, etc.

Thinking about applying an anti graffiti coating?. The problem of vandalism is growing in Melbourne. It is one of the problems that any growing city faces. The probability that your house, business or billboard is vandalised with graffiti in Melbourne is increasing.

Features of our Anti-Graffiti Coatings:

Graffiti Removal - anti graffiti coating Graffiti Removal - anti graffiti coating

The decision is yours

Take a proactive approach

Unfortunately there are many taggers who walk around the city causing damage. You can hope that your property is not the next one to be vandalised, or you can take a proactive approach and protect it so that removing graffiti is as easy and effortless as cleaning your bathroom mirror.

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How to choose your anti-graffiti coating?

Graffiti should be addressed by some method other than painting over it. Painting over graffiti only presents the “artist” with a new canvas, which usually results in additional defacement. The affected surfaces should be protected, for example, with commercially available anti-graffiti paint.


There are not a “fits all” protective coating. Each project is evaluated individually to determine which is the appropriate coating. The application process is just as or more important than the coating itself. Cleaning preparation, careful application, knowledge and experience are key factors for the correct performance and durability of the anti-graffiti coating.

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    Anti Graffiti Coatings Save me money?

    If you have a high profile site and get ‘tagged’ by a graffiti vandal at least once a month, the answer is YES. The investment in a quality coating will reduce removal costs and pay for itself over the life of the coating. The other benefit of an anti-graffiti coating is that your building will be easier to clean from dirt and pollution and be better protected from damp and mould reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

    Graffti Coatings come in colours?

    All coatings are available in clear. The acrylic range of Long Life coatings can be tinted to any colour from the Australian Standard Colour chart. So yes… long life coatings come in colours.

    Gloss vs matt finish

    The new range of Graffiti Eaters Invisible Coatings work extremely well on masonry surfaces and are invisible, without a sheen level at all for property owners who want protection without a noticeable appearance. These coatings require pressurised water in the removal process.

    Can I do it myself?

    While it’s possible to apply sacrificial coatings yourself, it’s always recommended to have the coatings professionally applied. Coatings require experience and training to get them to adhere correctly and cure properly. Coatings also have specific health and safety requirements that require the expertise of an approved graffiti coating applicator. Surfaces must be prepared without flaky paint, debris, moss, water stains, or dirt. Coatings are only covered under warranty when they have been applied by an approved applicator.