10 Benefits of Pressure Washing Services in Melbourne

by Jo Charnock, onPressure Washing , September 4, 2020

Spring is a good time to pressure wash your home or business, and in this article, we give you 10 reasons why!

Ablate offers you a professional pressure washing service in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. However, you may be wondering ‘Why should I use pressure washing services?’ Well, spring is in the air, which is a time traditionally associated with cleaning and starting afresh. So now is a good time to consider pressure washing your home or your business, and in this article, we will give you 10 reasons why!

Pressure Washing in Melbourne

1  . To Protect Your Family’s Health.

Springtime heralds the arrival of hay fever season in Australia. Roughly 1 in 5 Australians suffer from hay fever or other allergies caused by pollens or airborne mould spores. So springtime, when allergens are running high, is the perfect time to include your home’s exterior into your spring cleaning routine. Pressure washing the exterior can reduce the amount of allergens in and around your home, and reduce the time you and your family spends coughing and sneezing, and suffering with watery eyes.

Pressure washing and Curve Appeal

2. Improves Curb Appeal Overnight

Pressure washing is a fast and efficient way to spruce up your exterior and add that extra bit of curb appeal. You get to give your property a makeover without having to splash out on expensive renovations. Spring is a time when everyone is out cleaning up their garden, however, you won’t reap the benefits unless you include the exterior of your property.

Increase the value of your property

3. Increases the Value of Your Property

Are you thinking about selling your home or business? Research has shown that a tired-looking property will bring down the value. Our pressure washing services in Melbourne could make the difference in making the sale or not. Research shows that pressure washing, together with some minor paint touch-ups, is a cost-effective way to increase the value of your property.

4. Preventative Maintenance

Your home is probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make. So you need to make sure you take care of that investment. Routine pressure washing will prevent a build-up of excess dirt and mould which can cause your building’s paintwork and surfaces to deteriorate and fade before their time. By being proactive, and acting before things go wrong, pressure washing can help prolong the look of your building for many years to come.

5. Efficient Method to Disinfect Surfaces Against COVID-1 9

By now we are all aware that good hygiene protects against COVID-19. So why not include good hygiene in and outside your home? Ablate offers pressure washing services to disinfect all your outside areas, including your pathways, driveways, pool decks, outside benchtops, doorknobs and any outside furniture.

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Eco Friendly Pressure Washing In Melbourne

6. Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Method

Another good reason to use pressure washing services is that it is a perfectly environmentally friendly cleaning method. The cleaning chemicals we use are safe for your children, your pets and your garden. We use modern pressure cleaning machines that use less water and no harsh chemicals are necessary. Our process for cleaning all types of surfaces, not only removes dirt with the use of a high-powered pressurised water machine, but we use specific eco-friendly detergents that penetrate deeply and are used to kill the mould and spores that cause unsightly stains.

Pest Control Pressure Washing

7. Pressure Washing is Perfect for Pest Control

While mould and spores can infect your home, so too can spiders, ants and other flying insects. These insects can build nests in the tiniest of nooks or crannies, which can be very hard to reach and clean by hand. Pressure washing offers the only cleaning method that can flush insects and all their nests out of these tight areas effectively, so you can enjoy a pest-free and safe home.

Time-Cost Efficiency

8. Pressure Washing Is Quick

We at Ablate know that you can rent a water pressure cleaning machine yourself. But do you have the time and the know-how to mix chemicals and do the job yourself? Inexperience with using the incorrect water pressure can often cause more damage than you expect. As can using the wrong chemicals. We offer professional pressure washing services in and around Melbourne that will save you time and money. Our teams have the experience to clean your property in the shortest time, with no invasion to your privacy and with little fuss.

9. Protects Against Harmful Bacteria

Pressure washing in Melbourne protects both you and your property against harmful bacteria. The build-up of dirt, mould, grime, mildew and other bacteria around your home can be harmful to those who are sensitive or have allergies.  In addition, this build-up of harmful bacteria can cause damage and unsightly stains to your building’s facade.  Annual pressure washing ensures the removal of harmful bacteria, making sure your home, family and pets are safe.

1 0. Pressure Washing Prepares Surfaces

Finally, if you do have to repaint or resurface the exterior of your home then pressure washing will ensure that you remove all the dirt, mould and loose paint so that you will have a clean, smooth surface on which to apply your new finish.


We have given you 10 good reasons to pressure wash your home or business this Spring, so what are you waiting for? If you live in Melbourne and the surrounding areas and you are looking for pressure washing companies near me, then do not hesitate to contact Ablate for a no-obligation free quote. You won’t regret it.

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