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If taggers constantly attack your property, it is time to get a protective layer to solve the problem!

Thinking about applying a anti graffiti coating?. The problem of vandalism is growing in Melbourne. It is one of the problems that any growing city faces. The probability that your house, business or billboard is vandalised with graffiti in Melbourne is increasing.

Features of our Anti-Graffiti Coatings83966

› Invisible.-The Anti-graffiti Coatings we use are matt and clear making them impossible to detect and virtually invisible. They do not change the aesthetic appearance of the surface.

› Versatile.- The Anti-Graffiti Coatings can be applied on virtually any surface (brick, concrete, billboards, wood, vinyl, painted surfaces, metal, signage and render tiles. etc.)

› Value.– It will reduce costs in terms of time, money and energy in future events.

› Increases the value of your property. – These protective coatings let the surface “breathe” and protect it from dirt and other contaminants such as dirt and smog; extending its life and reducing maintenance costs.

There is not a “fits all” protective coating. Each project is evaluated individually to determine which is the appropriate coating. The application process is just as or more important than the coating itself. Cleaning preparation, careful application, knowledge and experience are key factors for the correct performance and durability of the anti-graffiti coating.

The decision is yours.

Unfortunately there are many taggers who walk around the city causing damage. You can hope that your property is not the next one to be vandalised, or you can take a proactive approach and protect it so that removing graffiti is as easy and effortless as cleaning your bathroom mirror.

If you have any questions about our protective layers do not hesitate to contact us. Don’t forget, we give free of charge and no obligation quotes.

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