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Australian Elections and Illegal Posters

Regardless of the scope of this campaign and its goal, we want to mention that illegal posters are a problem that has grown in recent years. They usually appear in fences of new buildings, under bridges and in abandoned properties. Usually these illegal posters promote events such as concerts and exhibitions. They are often put in place to cover the graffiti, but do not comply with the consent of the owner or of the property and that is why they are put on late hours at night when no one sees.

The federal elections will be held on July 2nd this year and an Australian artist has turned Malcom Turnbul in a political poster to promote change.

Michael Agzarian has created the poster “Fizza” of Malcolm Turnbull that has appeared in the outskirts of Sydney, especially in Wintworth, the area where they are located the headquarters of the electoral team of Turnbull.

Michael began installing the poster from the first day of the campaign, which are inspired by the iconic Hope poster of Barack Obama. The posters have proved to be so popular that it has been decided to install it on a 6 x 3m billboard this month in Victoria Rd.

illegal posters  are a growing trend.

illegal posters are a growing trend.

This billboard is the second stage of the “Fizza” campaign. The New billboard, along with the posters highlights the fact that Malcolm Turnbull and his government have not met the expectations and have failed miserably in environmental, educational and technological fields. According to them, Turnbull has proved to be a Fizza.

The posters of Agzarian have proved to be a problem with the Australian Electoral Commission which has informed him that they do not meet the legal requirements to be used during elections.

In an interview, Agzarian said “We received a formal complaint about this political poster and about its authorization, The poster must have a name and address, otherwise they’re going to be removed”

The posters connect with the feeling that the community has that Turnbull has failed with the promises he made when he moved to the then Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

“When Turnbull was elected, had made many promises and there was hope, but he turned out to be just fizz. You light him as a cracker at night, there is a bit of fizz and then nothing”

If you discovered that illegal posters have been placed in your property, we provide the service to remove them and in case that there is graffiti beneath we can also remove it without damaging the surface.

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