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Bansky’s art heading to Melbourne

Banksy’s work will be heading to Melbourne, Australia.  Melbourne’s Mayor has announced that this will be the biggest exhibition of Banksy’s work.  The Art of Banksy will run for three months and opens on the 7th October. As Melbourne is well known worldwide as a hub for graffiti artists it seems only appropriate that the exhibition is held here.  

This exhibition will include over 80 pieces of artworks, including the most recognisable girl with balloon, laugh now and Flag Wall. Interestingly this exhibit has not received Banksy’s approval. Many of the artworks that are being presented are from Steve Lazarides private collection. Steve and Banksy grew up in Bristol, originally working together on a now extinct magazine Sleavenation before Steve operated as Banksy’s manager. After working together for a decade, they parted ways in 2008 due to unknown circumstances. These days it seems that Steve and Banksy have a tense relationship as Steve says that have not spoken in a long time. Earlier this year Steve said they saw each other at a gig but “maintained a healthy distance”.

This is not the first exhibition that Steve has curated without the artist authority. The unauthorised retrospective was held in 2014 and Banksy’s work was displayed and on sale, for prices up to £500,000.



Not only will Steve Lazarides private collection be displayed, but there will also be pieces within this exhibition from 40 other private collectors. The vast number of contributors makes the likelihood of anything like this being displayed again minimal. This truly is a one-off event.

This unique exhibition is a reminder of the huge impact that Banksy has had within graffiti art.  The Art of Banksy will be opened daily at the Paddock in Federation square. Better get a ticket quick!

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