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Comprehension of graffiti and its reasons.

Providing long therm solutions to graffiti in Melbourne

It is important to understand why certain individuals feel attracted to graffiti in Melbourne in order to perform prevention effective strategies. We have to recognise that people involved or part of graffiti creation do not belong to a homogeneous group, and likewise graffiti has not an equal category as well as reasons to make it.

Individuals involved in graffiti world in Melbourne are young men and women between 13 and 16 years old in their majority.

Taggers are most likely to be between 12 and 25 years old having different kinds of education and social circumstances. However, the ones that make graffiti on the walls are usually over 15, and some of them have experienced school troubles but have been introduced to the graffiti world by friends or acquaintances.

Once related to the graffiti making world, some people decide to continue making graffiti because they feel satisfied. Therefore, graffiti increases their self-esteem and happiness feeling strongly.

Most of the people involved have strict self-imposed rules about where and where do not make graffiti, or if they get involved in another gang activity.

Around half of the graffiti makers are taggers and most of them make graffiti under limited time, while those totally committed to make graffiti do not stop even if their graffiti pieces are removed quickly. This is why is so important to have a company like us. Our graffiti removal service will respond immediately cleaning all the graffiti and leaving no trace behind.

Some graffiti makers commit crimes such as stealing spray cans or markers, besides crossing private property. Nevertheless, not all graffiti makers commit bigger crimes.


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