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The vast majority of graffiti we remove in Melbourne is quick and ugly tags. Properly graffiti removal without damaging the surface is what we do best. However, under very specific circumstances, it is advisable to leave it as is. Especially if it is a Banksy.

A mural painted by graffiti artist Banksy in a gas station in Los Angeles will be auctioned in December of this year. The graffiti auction begins at $ 50,000 and specialists believe it may be worth up to $300,000.

The mural known as “Flower Girl” was painted in 2008.It is of approximately 2.75m by 2.5m. The graffiti shows the silhouette of a girl looking up at a CCTV camera blooming from the stem.

Graffiti and Banksy’s works are not only provocative but entertaining. “Flower Girl” is the only piece from that artist auctioned by that auction house. Banksy is the pseudonym of the elusive graffiti artist born in Bristol, England which is part of an underground movement of artists. Banksy has become well known for his creative pieces of social character.

Since the graffiti was done on private property, the artist is not entitled to any gain on the sale. In June of last year, the piece called “Slave Labour” also made by Banksy was sold at an auction for $ 1.1 million.

We offer honest advice and the best strategies to remove graffiti. If we suspect that it is a Banksy, we will advise you not to remove it, but if you decide to do it, we will remove the graffiti without damaging the surface.


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