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Euro Cup 2016: Graffiti and Violence.

Graffiti left by Russian and English Hooligans is only a small part of the damage they have done in every city where their respective teams have played.

The authorities and some private businesses have taken up the matter and graffiti cleaning services have begun their work and they have no plans to stop removing the graffiti at least until the European Championship ends.

Since the tournament began the violence inside and outside stadiums has been the biggest problem so far during the Euro Champs.

Hundreds of English and Russians Hooligans have been involved in fights everywhere when their respective teams play. There have been a number of reports where dozens of people have been injured due to these violent outbursts. They have also caused thousands of dollars in damages, because these fights have taken place in public areas, inside and outside stadiums. They have caused damages to local businesses and have spread fear among the general population. Among the damages that they have caused they have done ultranationalists and offensive graffiti.

British and Russian hooligans causing damages,

British and Russian hooligans causing damages,

Both teams have made official football videos where they ask their fans to respect the host country as well as fans of other nations. Even the presidents of both England and Russia had to intervene.

However, interventions of their respective governments in their political speeches seem to have increased hostilities. On the one hand David Cameron has declared he suspects that the most violent Russian Hooligans receive orders from Putin government itself to cause outrages. On the other hand Putin has said that Russians have responded to open provocations of English fans and he does not feel sympathy for the 3 English men who are now in a coma after one violent altercation against Russian resident.

So far there are dozens of detainees and some Russian and English hooligans are behind bars in France. UEFA has said that if the violence does not stop, both Russia and England may be disqualified from the competition.

To host this kind of event always brings advantages and disadvantages. Undoubtedly it represents a major outlay of money for France, however, the damage left by these hooligans is the flipside of the coin.


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