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Most of the graffiti attacks in Melbourne, are carried out near train stations, thats the reason most of our graffiti removal jobs are done near transport hubs.  The train is a kind of transportation allowing graffiti vandals to move fast and almost anonymously after midnight. Having said that, we have removed graffiti within distant parts of Melbourne’s surroundings but only occasionally. Graffiti has become an urban problem where not even the most remote communities are free from it.

Nevertheless, the most exotic graffiti attack did not happen in Melbourne this month but at the Van Nuys Airport in the United States.

An approximately 2.5 million dollar private jet was vandalized on July 14th at night. Undetected, criminals trespassed into a hangar and they graffitied the words “Flame” and “R.I.P” at the airplane’s fuselage. In addition, criminals drew some illegible letters at the plane’s tail, so the estimated cost in order to repair such damage is valued in $110,000.

An investigation has been carried out by the Los Angeles airport police, together with the F.B.I in order to avoid these kind of attacks happening again.

This case has a particular importance to the Airport authorities. Not only is it a crime of malicious graffiti on private property but this could also cause unexpected damage to the airplane and they needed to ensure that the vandals did not use any explosive materials.

The airplane’s owner is very angry and has declared the following: “This situation is a serious problem to us because the people who crossed this area made graffiti, and they could have damaged the airplanes”. The Airport’s police chief added: “We are not happy with this situation”.

As a reminder, we remove graffiti from any kind of vehicle. If your car, truck or jet has been attacked, please contact us so we can give you a no obligation free quote.


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