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Fall of Berlin Wall 25 Years later

Last month Germany celebrated 25 years from the fall of the Berlin Wall. No doubt it was the most important event with which the last century ended.

This wall was practically built overnight in 1961 and divided the nation in half until November 9, 1989. According to the official reports, 389 people died trying to cross it, but different sources and activist groups claim that the number of deaths is way higher.

For many of us that day is one we will never forget—with images of people literally tearing down the wall, people on both sides covered in tears and emotion, families and friends reunited after so many years: a glorious moment for all nations—the birth of an open, united and tolerant Germany.

In addition to concerts and special events and as part of the celebration, the German government has edified a huge installation of white lanterns shaped as a balloon in the same place in which the wall crossed the city in different parts.

Something that drew our attention was the amount of graffiti this wall displayed along its 155 kilometers of length. In almost every photo we observe, the Western side is practically covered from its base to the summit.

Most of the graffiti are protests, drawings or the name of people looked for on the other side of the wall. Currently, many of the more picturesque pieces of concrete are displayed temporarily and permanently in different galleries and museums around the globe.

However, the graffiti in the walls of Melbourne is a completely different story. Most of the graffiti made in home or business walls is not a symbol of protest against repression, but pure vandalism.

No matter if your property walls are made from wood, concrete, glass, metal, bricks or alucabond, if they have been attacked with graffiti, you can be sure we will completely remove the paint, totally restoring your wall surface and without damaging it.

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