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Game of Thrones: A reminder to remove Graffiti on time!

We have discussed in several previous articles the importance of removing graffiti as soon as it appears as graffiti attracts more graffiti. This lesson is also learned from the series of Game of Thrones (GOT).

GOT is undoubtedly the most watched TV series. This tv show is transmitted simultaneously within 170 countries and has also become the show with the most downloads in history.

Currently it is about to end the sixth series. GOT contains graphic violence and attracts several demographic sectors. The characters have deep stories and it is not advisable to invest emotionally in any of them since most of them are cruelly killed at some point. In GOT you either win the throne or you die.

We found it interesting that the most important lesson of all about eradicating completely graffiti was presented in two episodes during this series.

During an episode, while revolution takes place in the city of Meereen, the city of slaves. It is clearly seen a graffiti on the wall which reads in red letters: “Kill all the masters”. Soon after that revolution failed… another graffiti appears above with another message saying “Mysa is a Master”. Made with the same font but in black. We can deduce that both graffiti were made by the same person.

Graffiti in Meereen

Graffiti in Meereen

Removing graffiti as soon as it appears is the most ideal.

With this strategy you will solve two problems. The first is that fresh graffiti will always be easier to remove than the graffiti that has been there longer. This will save money and effort. The second is that the attacker will get very little exposure of his graffiti. The message you send is clear. If your property is well maintained, it will stay longer that way. Even if it is attacked again, after several graffiti attacks, it has been shown that eventually the graffiti attacker will desist, since the risk is not worth it for them.

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