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Getting political with graffiti murals in Melbourne

Lushsux is popular street artist in Melbourne, Australia. His work is renowned worldwide. In 2015 Lushsux was the only Australian that was invited to contribute to Banksy’s Dismalandshow in the UK. His most recent work has gotten worldwide attention which includes his graffiti artwork that depicts Kim Kardashian, Kanye, Taylor Swift and Donald Trump.

Lushsux has created a number of controversial street artworks. He painted US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a stars and stripes bikini. Even though he received permission to paint the shop wall in Footscray, the local council deemed it offensive. Lushsux’s reaction was to paint over the graffiti, dressing Hillary in a niqab making an anti-racism statement. This mural did not last long as the mural was then covered up completely. No one has taken credit for its removal.

Lushsux is one of the most provocatice stret artist in Melbourne

Lushsux is one of the most provocatice stret artist in Melbourne

Along the Richmond train line there is a graffiti street art of Taylor swift, Kim Kardashian and Kayne naked in bed together. This is an image that has been taken form Kayne’s video clip famous. Public outrage over the nudity, in particular Taylor and Kanye’s nipple led to the piece being censored, in less than 24 hours after being created. Lushsux said he had to make it more “family friendly”.

Most recently Lushsux produced graffiti artwork in the southeastern suburb of Melbourne, Windsor. He painted One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson with an Australian Flag in the background. Pauline is well known for her Islamaphobia and racist remarks, so many locals hated this graffiti piece when they first saw it. Lushsux then painted over his work to depict Pauline in a Hijab. Artwork like this definitely gets people talking and more involved in Australian politics.

Lushsux has become increasingly popular as he has been making provocative graffiti street artwork, we can not wait for what he comes up with next!


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