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Not all graffiti is considered vandalism

Graffiti removal Melbourne

The vast majority of the graffiti removed in Melbourne are tags. Some of them are simple scratches, names, signatures or initials. A small part of them contains a phrase or some type of content.

All these graffiti attacks are obviously considered offensive, unsightly and like they affect the perception of security in an area. Nobody would like their business or home to be attacked like this.

Graffiti Removal Melbourne

Vengeance after the “graffiti” was removed.

However, there is a growing trend that is becoming more popular, and gaining acceptance in the community.

Sometimes, attackers are talented street artists whose attacks are usually authentic murals that could be in a gallery.¬†Some of them have the owner’s permission to do them, some do not.

When they do not have the owner’s permission, these works are usually located in abandoned places or places with little traffic because it may take several days to complete them.

The removal these works is a real dilemma for the “affected” part. On the one hand, they want to preserve the value of their property and do not want to encourage future attacks, but on the other hand, they can recognize talent and the aesthetic value of the work.

There is no right answer, and whether they decide to leave or remove the graffiti, there are pros and cons, but that we’ll talk about that in another occasion.

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