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Graffiti Culture

Graffiti artists rely heavily on their reputation. To build their reputation they will try to tag their individual signature as many times as they can on as many public and private pieces of property that they can get their hands on. If for example a train runs with their tag on it, this will give them more recognition among their friends and the graffiti vandal community. One of their greatest triumphs is to be photographed next to their work before it is removed.

Transit and public safety police say it is common for a train that has been vandalised in the early hours of the morning, to have an audience of admirers with their smart phones out, snapping photos of the vandalism when it leaves for it first trip of the day.

Depending on a whether a graffiti vandal is acting impulsively or if he is part of a gang with a long record will change how a vandal is charged. Penalties range from serving 100 hours of community work, severe financial penalties or up to 12 months in a rehabilitation facility.

The graffiti culture seems to be highly developed, full of secret signs, greetings and cults. There are reports of exchange of information, meetings with members, Interstate connections and even international connections.

Although there is no regulation or official language, there are certain terminologies that are commonly used, as for example:

Bite – Copy other graffitist’s style

Bomb – Spray graffiti on the outside of a moving train

Buff  – Erase graffiti

Cap – Spray paint nozzle

Crew – Graffiti gang

Fade – Blend colours

Kill – Bomb excessively

King – Best with the most

Tag – Graffitist’s three-letter identification sign

Toy – Inexperienced or new writer

Writer – Graffitist

Most of the tags are self-aggrandising, however others denote a deep discomfort with the town or community in which they live.

The subculture of graffiti in Melbourne is highly demographic and without discrimination against certain groups, and apparently crosses the lines between classes.

We remove any kind of graffiti in Melbourne, be it small, large, beautiful or ugly, we will simply remove any graffiti and leave no trace nor damage the surface. If your property has been attacked by graffiti, call us for us to return your property to its original state.


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