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Graffiti expression Vs Criminal activity

Most graffitists perform poorly in school. Being bored, socially excluded, family and community crises, lack of opportunity to have a good free time, youth unemployment. All these are causes for graffiti and other vandalism.

In view of the police, those involved in graffiti do it for fame, recognition and identification.

For at least 20 years, graffitists began painting complete pieces and legal murals, clearly positioning themselves as artists and not as criminals.

A 23 year old graffiti artist says “The¬†graffiti is all about friendship and our interest in art.” Now, some of them design covers for music albums, others perform graffiti on buildings and fences with permission from the developers. Not only is this legal, but it is also artistically richer than writing tags on trains, and there is more exposure and a greater audience.

“Graffiti has been with us since man lived in caves, the graffiti we see today is the purest form of art because it is something spontaneous and out of traditional art galleries. We do this for our need to be recognized.”



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