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Graffiti removal: Solutions to Opportunistic Damage

Graffiti removal: Solutions to Opportunistic Damage

One solution to reduce opportunistic damage is to reduce opportunities for graffitists and vandals to attack. This is accomplished with a situational method, which means changing the environment in which criminals operate, instead of trying to change the character or motivation of the offender.

The situational method to control graffiti and other vandalism is based on the rational choice theory. This theory assumes that vandals freely and consciously choose to commit crimes. The decision to vandalize is made ​​in response to the conditions that surround us, the motivation to commit an offense, and that the motivation to offend is not constant or out of control. In other words, it is a calculation of cost and reward rather than the inherent result or willingness to offend.

In practical terms, this means that instead of focusing exclusively on solving the problems of the criminal’s history, or the environment in which this has been developed, -for example poverty, poor education, social problems- design the necessary measures to prevent criminal acts.

Some examples to prevent or reduce opportunistic attacks: Use materials that resist scratches, ink or paint; improve lighting; security patrols; restrictions to buy spray cans; installing security cameras.

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