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Graffiti removal from trucks

Graffiti removal Melbourne

Graffiti removal from trucks

One of our specialised services is to remove graffiti from trucks in Melbourne. Removing graffiti from trucks or any other vehicle is meticulous work since it is very important to avoid damaging the surface, especially if it is vinyl.

There are many benefits when removing graffiti from your truck and the most obvious one is aesthetics. However, there are other reasons where it is important to keep your truck graffiti-free.

1) Graffiti attracting graffiti.- If you do not remove that little graffiti, it is most likely that during coming days more graffiti will appear and it will be more expensive and difficult to remove it.

2) Promote your business instead of promoting graffiti.- Most of the trucks or commercial vans have displays promoting its business or a product. It is a worthwhile investment to make since each person while looking at your vehicle is looking at your trademark or offered services. However, if such a display is covered by graffiti, it becomes useless and can be counter-productive to your company, and the last thing you want is to show an image of a dirty or careless company to others. Therefore, graffiti on your vehicle is sending the wrong message to your providers and customers.

3) No satisfaction to vandals.– Graffiti makers are so proud when promoting their names. Nothing will give them more satisfaction than watching their mark being paraded around the city. Do not give them such satisfaction and remove graffiti as soon as it appears.

If you have just noticed that your enterprise or business vehicle has just been vandalised with graffiti on it, please contact us immediately so we can remove it. We like to remind you that chemicals used to remove graffiti in Melbourne are biodegradable and have a neutral pH. This way, our impact on the environment is remarkably reduced and we also offer free no-obligation quotes.















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