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A small defeat for graffiti removers, a small victory for graffiti offenders.

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A few months ago, the subway announced that from now on, some trains with graffiti will operate on a regular basis.

The company policy was that trains would not operate until graffiti had been completely removed. The problem was that some trains could not operate on early mornings, and sometimes even all day.

This caused delays and cancelation of some trips. A lot of users complained to the train company and there was no other option but to allow trains with graffiti to operate normally, even if they had not been cleaned completely.

Graffiti removal melbourne

Metro Train vandalised

Naturally, users prefer to get on trains with graffiti if they operate normally, as opposed to one that does not contain graffiti, but is delayed or cancelled.

Trains are the perfect location for any type of graffiti, as they circulate and function as mobiles banners throughout the city, which makes it extremely attractive and effective for the tagger’s cause.

What does this mean for the community? For graffiti offenders, trains will become even more valued, and more likely to be attacked. Metro will probably strengthen security to prevent the attacks, and the rest of us will surely get used to seeing more pictures like this one when we ride the train.

We remind you that we have services to remove graffiti on trucks, cars and trailers.

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HT —

Graffiti is revolting, disgusting things. I do not want to look at a beautiful train trashed by uneducated animals.

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    neck yourself mate. painting trains is the height of intelligence and intellect and it is a truly beautiful sight to see a train blessed by a fat panel making it to flinders

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Peter Dunn —

In South Africa they are about to coat 6500 trains and carriages with a clear product that repels ink and paint. They simply bead up and run off when someone tries to tag the surface.

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