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How graffiti starts?

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The importance of removing graffiti quickly and the connection with the Broken Window Theory.James Q. Wilson proposed the broken windows theory in 1982. He tried to explain the urban disorder effect, vandalism, crime and antisocial behaviour. So, how graffiti starts? This theory suggests that when a large city is maintained and kept to a high standard, vandalism and other serious crimes decrease.

For instance:

Think about a building with some broken windows. If the windows are not repaired, then the trend is that vandals will probably break other windows. Possibly, some vandals will get into the building especially if its empty, and it may become a shelter, so they can even build bonfires inside. Another situation can be when a sidewalk is gathering garbage and when it is not collected over time more garbage is accumulated. When others observe an area being disrespected, people will not feel guilty to leave their own garbage, thus creating a negative culture where vandalism can be seen as the norm.

Vandalism (including graffiti) occurs much more often and more rapidly when the community is showing an image of “nobody cares”.

A successful strategy to avoid graffiti and other kinds of vandalism is to solve problems while they are not big. Removing graffiti and fixing windows immediately after the situation has occurred, makes vandals less likely to make more graffiti or make other kinds of damage.

Local governments, communities and real estate groups all understand the benefit of keeping properties graffiti-clean and in good conditions. Graffiti will devalue properties and can drive off investors. Respecting properties by removing graffiti and broken windows immediately, are important development methods. Reducing graffiti in Melbourne will not only decrease vandalism, but also create a positive culture where people feel they are in a safe and pleasant environment. Improving Melbourne for now, and for future Melbourne citizens.

We respond to all our calls immediately and will remove graffiti as soon as possible. The reason is simple; erasing graffiti during early hours of occurrence will reduce possibilities to get another attack or other kind of vandalism radically.

If you have been a victim of graffiti, please contact us so we can immediately solve your problem as soon as possible. The police should be notified of any graffiti to avoid graffiti prevailing. Communities must stay active and alert to avoid repeated crimes in Melbourne.



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vandal —

i love graffiti and crime, lawlessness is freedom. fuck the police, long live anarchy!

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big boy —

fuck the police graffit is so dope I wake to it

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