Graffiti removal, Protective coatings and Hard surface cleaning

How to avoid graffiti.

Graffiti removal

After finishing our graffiti removal  job tin Melbourne, many of our customers have asked us what to do in order to avoid this happening again.

We are able to use a few different strategies so you do not become another victim of graffiti vandalism.

Graffiti removal

How to avoid graffiti in your property

Security cameras. – A property protected by security cameras is less likely to be damaged by graffiti vandals. Being videotaped when making graffiti shows a very powerful and irrefutable proof that can be used against vandals if they get caught when committing a crime.

Therefore, well-placed security cameras (even if they are not real) may work as a powerful repellent against graffiti attacks.

Anti-Graffiti coatings.- The anti-graffiti coatings we commonly use allows to remove graffiti quickly and effectively. Anti-graffiti coatings does not allow spray paint to adhere to the surface. This way, attackers will immediately notice that the surface with an anti-graffiti coating will be an ineffective and inappropriate surface to attack.

Quick removal.- Another highly-effective strategy is to remove graffiti within 48 hours of it being there. If graffiti gets removed, then attackers will not be able to show it or brag about it to anyone else; and after 3 or 4 attempts, graffiti vandals will understand that any graffiti made on such a property will be quickly removed. The risk and cost versus the advantage of making graffiti that will only be shown for a few hours does not add up. This is the main reason we provide graffiti removal emergency services 24/7.

However, there is no one easy solution ensuring that properties will not get affected by graffiti, and that’s why the best option is to combine two or more strategies in order to avoid graffiti in Melbourne.

If your property gets affected by graffiti and you want to remove it quickly, please contact us. We make free, no obligation quotes.


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