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ISIS announces its arrival to Australia

ISIS has announced its arrival to Australia. Up until today there have been various cases in every state of the country.

Most of these graffiti attacks have been on walls of highly visible businesses with high pedestrian rates, but recently there have been 2 attacks in schools in Melbourne and Sydney.

It is sad that these attacks with graffiti increase the tension levels and intimidate local communities.

Luckily, in the most recent graffiti attack pro ISIS in Melbourne managed to identify and detain the aggressor. This person was filmed via CCTV and had committed two other previous attacks with a similar message in at least two occasions.

On the other hand, according to State police reports, the amount of graffiti attacks to mosques and Muslim businesses has also increased in the last months.

In Preston, outside the north of Melbourne, a mosque was recently tagged with huge red letters that read EVIL.

The police have said that it will carry out every effort to crack down the graffiti problem, but has emphasised that the problem won’t be solved taking justice by our own hands and that we must remain calm before these attacks.

We consider racial attacks as emergencies and if your business, school, mosque or church is victim of graffiti with threatening or intimidating messages, you can be sure that we will immediately remove the graffiti and we will renovate the surface as soon as possible to restore peace to the community.


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