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Different kinds of graffiti in Melbourne and graffiti related-activities

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Here is a list with all the different kinds of graffiti:

1) The Tagger graffiti is a kind of graffiti made in order to be recognised, renowned and have status. They are stressed so as to be seen in as many places as possible and generally, they are the entry point to the graffiti world and are made by beginners. They are sometimes made in pairs or groups but with individual signatures.

This kind of graffiti is made quickly. You can use paint spray or markers and it has to include both simple writings and simple design patterns. Thus, calligraphy gets condensed and forms a unique pseudonym working as a signature made by initials or numbers.

This kind of graffiti is plentiful and can easily increase if not controlled; this way, Tags are commonly found in public and high visibility places. In fact, most of the graffiti made in close spaces are tagger graffiti such as the ones made in buses and train cars.

The most dangerous tagger graffiti is the “scratchitti”, or scratching tags in solid surfaces, because you have to spend a lot of money removing or repairing them.

2) The Bathroom/desk graffiti is made by a large group of people so they can take part in a debate or conversation.

In general terms, bathroom or desk graffiti is focused on jokes, public debate, slurs or conversations between strangers and anonymous citizens.

Its content changes a lot depending on its location (public restrooms, bus stops, college or school desks), and it is typically made with pens or scratchitti.

3) The Gang-related graffiti is strategic and territorial. It is a group activity that can be related to other criminal activities. It can be part of a lifestyle and subculture that represents graffiti as an experience of belonging and union for gang members. Usually, the Gang-related graffiti is made with lots of color, complex designs and sometimes they are collaborative pieces. The writings to be used are complex and sometimes indescribable so as to represent the gang.

They use images and characters in order to mark out a territory and affirm the gang’s establishment in that zone; it is highly symbolic.

This kind of graffiti is plentiful in zones (and countries) having gang high-levels.

4) The political and protest graffiti. It spreads a point of view challenging the political order’s legislation, and it is made by individuals or activist groups. It is related to Street art.

In this kind of graffiti you can use legible or readable writings, or strong images. It is well-known to use images with content that is highly touching, for instance: Bomb, tank, riot police, UN soldier, fugitive, war tank, etc. images).

5) The urban art is generally made by people between the ages 15 and 35 years old. It is an activity requiring high talent and organization since it has a high esthetic value, and it is considered as a part of an international modern movement.

It is made by graffiti subculture experienced participants and it is featured with individual pieces that have strong social connections. Urban artists look for recognition, pride and improvement of their technique.

This kind of graffiti can be found in street galleries, art fine books, specialized web sites, magazines, videos and it can be sold in specialized online stores.

It is related to Hip hop culture, graphic design, online design, magazine illustration and it is part of a high art platform in Australia or abroad.

It can be seen in music, skateboarding and urban mode performances and it is well-known for using drawings, images and highly steric characters. They have unique styles including refined techniques and composition.

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