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Summer is around the corner and, during this month, temperatures will reach over 30° C. This is the best season of the year for those with a patio or garden to enjoy having breakfast in the terrace or just enjoying their day in the open.

We believe it is the perfect chance to clean the tiles and floor of your terrace and take away the mold and dirt. This way, you can be sure that your family and pets are in a clean and safe environment. Especially if they are close to a pool, where the floor can be slippery, it is necessary to remove fungus that grows between tiles.

With our pressure cleaning service, in which we use hot water, we will leave all the areas of your terrace, pergola, BBQ area, and pool completely free of dirt and mold. With this service, your house will, not only, look pretty, but it will be cleaner and safer.

Another service in high demand during summer is our graffiti removal service. Why during summer? The answer is simple. Most graffiti is done by youngsters. When they are on vacation, weather is good, and alcohol is at reach, the amount of graffiti in Melbourne increases considerably.

If your house has been spray painted, we can help you to remove it immediately. If you have any doubt or comment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open on weekends and at any time of the day, this way we will not interfere with your everyday activities.

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