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Memorial of Eurydice Dixon painted with offensive graffiti.

The public memorial for Eurydice Dixon was vandalised with offensive graffiti on the same day a public vigil in her honour was held. Firefighters had to remove the graffiti with a high-pressure hose.

Eurydice was a 22 year old comedian who was raped and murdered by a man who has been identified as Jaymes Todd, 19. He has been now charged with rape and murder. Ms Dixon’s body was found by someone who passed by on the field at the Princess Park in Melbourne, she was walking home around 10:40 pm after a comedy gig at the Highlander Bar.

The aggressor was charged and appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and then he was remanded in custody until his next court appearance schedule in October.

Days after the murder, the park was filled with thousands of people in solidarity with the victim and her family. A small memorial with flowers, candles and notes was surrounded by numerous people who made a vigil of less than an hour. One of the organisers gave a short speech as a petition of the grieving family, she asked to stand together and reflect on the tragedy because it should be acknowledged the fact that women should be able to walk home safely at night.

Unfortunately, the memorial was vandalised by a man from Bullen, who was arrested and charged with offensive behaviour, criminal damage and offensive graffiti. He has now been released on bail until his next court appearance which will be held on August 10.

The man painted a 25m-wide offensive image with white paint during the morning before the vigil, but the graffiti was removed shortly after it was discovered. For obvious reasons, the graffiti was widely condemned and Victoria Police Chief Commissioner called it shocking, one of the vigil’s organisers said she was mortified by the act.

Offensive graffiti should be removed as soon as possible like in this case, because not only is it a felony, but also because it can encourage more vandalism, in addition, it creates an atmosphere of insecurity. In specific cases like this memorial, the offence becomes even worse as it disrespects the grieving of the victim’s family and friends.

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