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Neo-Nazi group attacks with racist graffiti

NSW and Victoria have been attacked once again with anti-Semitic displays of intolerance, to the point that leaders from the community and even MPs have raised the voice with concerns about the upsurge in bigotry.

The group, presumably in charge of these intolerance displays is called Antipodean Resistance (AR), an extreme right-wing organization formed in Melbourne in 2016, which has been increasing its popularity through making genocidal propaganda that includes stickers, posters and graffiti targeting young Australian people to be part of their recruits. The most concerning part of the organization is that it promotes violence like murder and terrorism.

The AR have made several attacks, including MPs offices, four high schools and nine universities and up until February, 27 places were spoilt with stickers, graffiti and posters. All of it was reported by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAI).

Examples of these defacings include the Bega electoral office of Mike Kelly, a member of the Eden-Monaro, which got stickers with a swastika and racist illustrations saying “Multiculturalism, Degeneracy… Reject Jewish poison”. Around the same time public transport stations and bus stops were also attacked with stickers so all the offences were reported to the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and only two days later, the group demonstrated its defiance with offensive graffiti outside a cafeteria in Darlinghurst.

In Victoria, universities such as Victoria University’s Footscray Park, and LaTrobe University in Bendigo, a campus in Ballarat and Bendigo South East College were attacked with propaganda with phrases that read “The Jews are the whole world’s enemy… they are pure evil and poison us through vaccines, processed foods, medications.” All these offences were condemned by the Anti-Defamation Commission for promoting venomous ideology that should be not tolerated at any cost and be persecuted.

The importance of eradicating displays of intolerance become crucial, especially when they are targeted to young people, who can be easily influenced by illustrations and street art. Most youngsters are drawn to graffiti and if they contain violence, or offensive content it has a bigger impact on them, that is why it becomes critical to remove graffiti attacks as soon as possible to avoid further attacks.

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