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New tool to detect graffiti vandals in the act.

New technology is in use since late last year on Sydney trains to detect when a vandal is making graffiti. The tool consists of a sensor that acts as an electronic nose that detects the presence of paint fumes or markers.

It is very common to find graffiti in public transport around the world, as it is a very easy and quick offense. Usually it is spray marks or markers that are difficult to remove and significantly affect the systems of transport, since in most cases it isn’t detected until the train arrives at the depot and then it is cleaned or repaired. However, this leads to many out-of-service trains and reductions in the capacity of public transport systems.

Sydney Train Director Howard Collins, who has called the operation ‘Mousetrap’ explains that once the sensor hidden in the train walls detects the smells of paint, it sends an alert to the security command center where they can see footage of the aggressor committing the act of vandalism. Consequently, they can identify the location of the train while the crime is committed and covert cops can arrest the aggressor.

The sensors can also identify if it is a marker or paint and once it detects the vapors, it sends the information to a digital processor that analyzes the chemical components of the vapor and compares them with a database to identify the material.

According to the creator of this tool, Mark Byers of the company ‘Technique Risk’, the biggest advantage of this system is that it can be monitored by officers and police from a Smartphone.

Since it was tested in Sydney, the system alarm has been triggered 70 times and 50 aggressors have been detained, so the system has been even more successful than the authorities had expected. And while this technology reaches cities like Melbourne, we remind you that we have graffiti removal services also for vehicles and trucks.

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