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Paint as a weapon

It is no secret that paint can be used to block a security camera’s view. It is an effective method,if the purpose is to make little noise, or the camera is out of reach.

If one or more security cameras in your home or business have been attacked with paint, grease or any other substance, you can be sure that the vandals did it to commit a serious illegal act.


Security camera vandalised with paint

Thieves usually attack security entrance cameras. If you are ever a victim of this type of attack, stay calm and report it to the police immediately. Let them take action in the matter.

We were recently called by a prestigious auto shop to repair the damage caused by 3 vandals. Thieves shot paint at security cameras, and then proceeded to successfully steal some vintage signs from the shop.

The shop owner was, for good reason, very upset, he was troubled by the damage caused, and felt that his space had been violated. Fortunately, our graffiti removal service was able to give back a little calm after a hard workday of paint spill removal.

If your business is located in, or around Melbourne, and has been attacked by graffiti or paint, we will return it to its original state. We offer very competitive prices on all our graffiti removal services and, chances are that your insurance covers the cost of the damage repair.



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