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Outdoor Areas such as swimming pools, BBQ areas and your porch are exposed to sun, UV rays, pollution, smog, humidity and fungi. We recommend our pressure washing service at least once a year, that way you avoid dirt accumulating and damaging the surfaces.

If you are thinking about selling your home, showing it immaculate is a smart strategy. It will make a great impression on prospective buyers when your outdoor areas are clean, your tiles will shine like new and your outdoor property will be fungi-free. This will certainly make a property much healthier and appealing for buyers.

The process for cleaning these types of surfaces, not only removes dirt with the use of a pressurised water machine, but a specific detergent that penetrates deep is used to kill fungi and spores, thus prolonging the effects of the hard surface cleaning for many months to come.

Moreover, we can apply long lasting protective coatings, which prevent water and grease from infiltrating your surface. That way, you do not have to worry about oil spots after a BBQ. By preventing water entering a surface you reduce the risk of moulds and fungi forming too.

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