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Pressure washing after floods

There have been Super-storms in south Australia this week!

There has been wild weather, strong winds and a state-wide electricity black out. People have needed to flee there houses as the huge downpour has caused exceptional flooding in a very short amount of time. Seventy three millimetres of rains was recorded within the catchments in just 36 hours. People have been warned against using there cars as it is too dangerous to drive through the floodwaters.

The extreme weather yanked twenty-two transmission towers out of the ground causing a complete blackout of south Australia. As restorations crews had too work through this crazy weather, there were still thousands of properties that   had no power two days after the incident.

The aftermath of the floods has not been great. Many hospitals were well prepared for this storm with a number of back-up generators but unfortunately a fuel pump failed and a fertility clinic lost a number of embryos during the blackout, losing thousands of dollars of work as well.  Trees and power lines have fallen down blocking roads and causing dangerous surroundings. Drivers have been warned to avoid roads at all cost as many roads are still closed. Roads have been completely destroyed with the storms creating huge potholes.

extreme weather aftermath

The State Emergency Service distributed 30 tonnes of sandbags to residents of South Australian properties. This was to help protect them during this storm, the worst seen in 25 years. When people are able to return to their places the real toll of the storm is going to be revealed.  After flooding there can be a lot of leftover debris and mould can form within these properties if they are not repaired properly.

Pressure washing is used to remove lose paint, mould, dirt and grime from a number of surfaces. It is going to be a long clean up after this storm and the community is going to have to come together to help each other out. Pressure washing will help improve and clean any outside surface. This will be important when residents are ready to get back to their life and repair their properties.

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