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Putin and his bad manners

A few days ago, Vladimir Putin wrapped the wife of the Chinese president with a coat during the opening ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The incident occurred while the president Xi Jinping talked with Barak Obama before a dinner party. Putin, who was seated next to the first lady of the president of China, cavalierly decided to take off his coat to cover the wife of Peng Liyuan after realizing that she was cold.

A few moments afterwards, the first lady Pengg Liyuan took off the coat, delivered it to one of the helpers and took a black coat that belonged to her husband. This embarrassing scene not only affects the Russian leader, criticized by the Chinese audience who saw it as an unnecessary and opportunistic act, but it also left in bad light the Chinese president and host of the event as apparently he was not taking care of his wife.

Minutes after the ceremony, the social networks burst with mocking comments for both leaders. The Chinese government immediately began to censor the images of the incident from television and the Internet, so people would stop laughing about it.

In a country as cold as Russia it is a common token of respect for a man to help a woman to take off or put on a coat; however, in China they are not accustomed to that.

In these events, where the most powerful world leaders gather to discuss and find solutions to international problems, education and etiquette rules are very important. This type of situations may lead to serious public relations problems.

This “lack of respect” from the Russian president means nothing next to what is going on with some tourists that come to Melbourne. National and international tourists do not always show respect to the place they are visiting. Many criminals and taggers have no limits and paint graffiti whenever they go on vacation.

For them, it is not enough to paint graffiti in their own communities, when they go on vacation they find a perfect opportunity to affect and stain wherever they go. Their lack of respect crosses boundaries.

In Putin’s case, we can imagine that it was not an act of bad faith but a cultural issue; however, when people from other places graffiti in Melbourne, there is no other explanation than the complete lack of respect to their vacation destination.

It is not common, but we have removed graffiti from hostels and hotels in Melbourne. There are people who come from other countries and find it easy to graffiti the common areas or the balconies of their room.

It is sad to see all the damage caused by graffiti made by Australians, but it is worst when the graffiti is made by foreigners. Likewise, it is truly embarrassing to see graffiti (not urban art) of Australian people made in other countries and glorified by social networks.

No matter if your property was vandalised in English or in another language, we are here to solve your problem. You know that if it is about removing graffiti in Melbourne, we are the number one company regarding speed, costs, and quality.

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