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Snapchat leaked pictures

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Snapchat is an app that allows users to send photographs between them. The difference it has from other social platforms, such as Whatsapp, is that once the photo has been sent through the app, users can only see it for a few seconds and, afterwards, it is automatically deleted.

This app became popular very fast because many youngsters use it for sexting. This way, they could send sensual or nude photographs without the fear of being saved by the receiver.

Nevertheless, there are apps like SnapCrack, SnapSave, or SaveMySnaps that allow you to save the pictures received, without the sender’s consent.

Some days ago, a group of hackers claimed that they hacked 10,000 accounts, including accounts from minors, that had one of these apps, and they said that, in the course of the next few days, they will leak the photos to the public.

Thousands are afraid that personal pictures now could be of public use. It is a direct attempt against user’s private property. It is evident that users from all around the world are scared and angry.

How could the Snapchat’s leaks relate to graffiti? The answer is simple. Most of the graffiti that we remove in Melbourne are an attempt against private and public property.

When we receive a phone call from the client, we can feel that they are mad from finding out that their house or business is covered in graffiti. The big difference between both problems is that when we do a service, we immediately remove the graffiti and there is no trace left, therefore, the problem Snapchat is involved in is worse. Once the picture has been uploaded to the Internet it is practically impossible to delete, especially if it has been shared or saved by other users.

We may not help you if your pictures have been hacked, but if your property has been spray-painted, you can be calm, because we will solve your problem immediately and at a low cost. This is why we are the best graffiti removers in Melbourne.

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