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Halloween and spooky graffiti in Melbourne

Graffiti inside the houseHalloween is an American holiday, but it is celebrated practically in the entire Western world. Regardless of its historical origins, for many children it is the perfect excuse to dress up and ask for candies in the streets. For many adults and youngsters, it is a perfect excuse to put on their favorite characters’ outfits and go out to a party.

Besides dressing up, it is common that some houses decorate their gardens with zombies, jack-o-lanterns, and any type of scary decoration. This gives the holiday a special touch, mainly in the USA.

Why would we talk about a graffiti removal service in Melbourne? The reason may seem strange, but one of the weirdest cases in which we have removed graffiti in Melbourne is on the day after Halloween, last year.

In Heidelberg, a group of friends decided to throw a Halloween party to which more than 350 people attended. The party went out of control and the police had to shut it down after several attempts to turn off the music. The amazing thing was that the organizers considered that it was rather easy to spray-paint the inside of the house to make it seem spookier. They also used cobwebs, strobes, black lights, and lasers.

It is incredible because this house was not derelict, so when the owners found out what happened, they immediately called us.

Most of the graffiti could not be removed because replastering the walls was cheaper than removing the graffiti. Nevertheless, we could remove all the graffiti from the windows, frames, doors, and some walls. Practically, the house had to be remodeled and repainted.

From all the graffiti we remove everyday, the Halloween case was definitively one of the oddest ones, not only because of the amount of surface that was painted and how difficult it was to leave the house impeccable, but because the tenants did not think about the consequences of spray-painting a house for a party.

Until now, we have not had a similar case, but, who knows, Halloween will be in a couple of days and maybe the story will happen again somewhere in Melbourne and we will be in charge of removing it.

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