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Tower Melbourne site ordered to clean graffiti

The site called ‘Tower Melbourne’ in the corner of Bourke and Queen streets in the Melbourne CBD, was meant to be a mega tower of apartments with 71 storeys. The dream included an impressive building that would represent living in the heart of Melbourne, but the dream was cancelled when the development company abandoned all plans to continue with the construction.

As soon as the building was derelict, it became vandalised with graffiti and rubbish. The neighbours complained of the appalling eyesore it brings to the area, because additionally to the filth and graffiti, the building is covered with screens and scaffolding, a situation that has been left like this for at least two years.

After all the complaining, CEL Australia, the development company, was finally ordered to clean up the site. The actual conditions of the building give the impression of a dangerous area as there is so much filth and graffiti. It is so important to remove graffiti attacks as soon as possible as it is very common for graffiti and tags that are left untouched to lead to more vandalism.

Neighbours in the CBD also complain because it seems that every time a location is abandoned, it appears as if developers and owners were not responsible to clean up and maintain the site. As a consequence, vandals find the perfect place to commit offences.

Additionally the order from the Melbourne City Council requires the development company to tidy up the site and remove posters from the site. The council will remove the graffiti that is accessible and also clean the footpaths. The Planning Minister spokesman clarified that all city permits allow the Melbourne City Council to take action when a site is left unattractive.

Apparently, the development company will be teaming up with Colonial Range, also a developer, to combine their blocks in 140 and 150 Queen Street and 27 McKillop Street, which amounts to 2500 square meters and would be selling for around $150 millions.

In cases like this, where the derelict site is located in an expensive area, graffiti and vandalism seems to create a haven for vandalism. For most cases, it becomes crucial to remove graffiti and other vandalism signs as soon as possible, because it brings the impression of an unsafe area and consequently, can reduce the value of a property.

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