Banksy, genius or vandal? Exhibition in Brussels explores the artists’ work.

by Alfredo Mendoza, onNews , April 10, 2021

Banksy, genius or vandal? is the question posed in the controversial life of the still unknown graffiti artist. An immersive exhibition.

“Banksy, genius or vandal?” is the question posed by the immersive exhibition on the street artist that opens in June in Brussels and whose tickets are put on sale this Tuesday (04/20/2021), after a great expectation generated among the public that even led the organizers to activate a countdown on your website.

More than 70 works, authenticated and loaned by private collectors from around the world, make up this interactive journey in which the work of the famous and enigmatic graffiti artist comes to life thanks to movement and technology and allows the viewer to immerse themselves in his universe, according to the show organizers.

Also, virtual reality will be another element that completes this experience, and that will take visitors on “a unique and multisensory journey” to the genesis of the artistic creation of graffiti artists, the streets of Bristol (United Kingdom) and the world. And that has served as a canvas for Banksy throughout his career.

“Devolved parliament” replaces the British Parliament with apes, “No balls” or an Elizabeth II are some of the pieces in this exhibition. Like the rest of the exhibitions that deal with him, have not been authorized by the artist.

The collection plans to be exhibit in a building located in the central Brussels enclave of the Grand Place, will open its doors on June 2. (EFE)

Here some of the most famous or infamous pieces of the artist:

Banksy genius or vandal | Chamber of the apes

Chamber of the apes 

Auction at Sotheby’s for $ 12 million.

Banksy couldn’t foresee the chaos that British politics would plunge into due to “Brexit”. The gigantic oil painting (2.8 x 4.5 meters), entitled “Devolved Parliament”, seems to have been foreboding. 


Banksy genius or vandal | A Bansky store in London

A Banksy store in London

On October 2, Banksy temporarily opened a business called “Gross Domestic Product” in the London borough of Croyden. But you cannot enter the store, where “impractical” and “offensive” objects are sold for charitable purposes and to defend the artist’s “brand”. The business will keep the doors closed and the lights on 24 hours a day, as an exhibition.


Basky, his world | Banksy genius or vandal

Banksy’s world

Banksy is one of the most famous street artists in the world. His true identity remains unclear, or, at least, his biography is not clearly known. Most of his works are graffiti that the artist paints secretly.


Bnsky against Capitalism

Steve Jobs

A recurring theme in his works is voracious capitalism. Banksy painted this mural at the entrance to a refugee camp. There, the late Apple founder Steve Jobs is seen carrying the legendary Mac 1. Jobs’ father was of Syrian origin.


Palestinian Combat Basky Stencil

Palestinian-Israeli combat 

In 2017, Banksy opened a hotel in Bethlehem, decorated with his paintings. With this, he wanted to launch a “signal of peaceful resistance”. Since 2005 it has left multiple traces in that historic town. A “Banksy Tour” is even offered to visitors


Banksy genius or vandal

War is not a game

Banksy’s identity is a mystery. The famous graffiti artist is only known to come from Bristol, in the south of England. In the late 1990s, he came to London and began painting his messages on certain walls like this one in a Withchurch primary school. The painting dates from 2016.