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Thinking about applying an anti graffiti coating?. The problem of vandalism is growing in Melbourne. It is one of the problems that any growing city faces. The probability that your house, business or billboard is vandalised with graffiti in Melbourne is increasing.

Banksy Coronavirus Graffiti Removed from the London Underground

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The latest Banksy coronavirus graffiti has been removed from the London underground. The TFL cited their ‘strict anti-graffiti policy’ as the reason.

by Jo Charnock , July 25, 2020

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The Impact of Graffiti in Melbourne’s Security.

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The impact of graffiti and criminal activities in Melbourne is probably much higher than you think. The cost of graffiti in Melbourne alone has been estimated at more than $100 million. But this figure does not consider the social cost of graffiti to Melbourne.

by Yair Frid , June 22, 2013

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