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The Problem of Graffiti in Melbourne


Not all the graffiti is the same

We are a specialised company in removing graffiti in Melbourne as well as in the application of anti-graffiti coatings. Our mission is that Melbourne continues to be an attractive city and reach its full potential. To help us achieve our objectives, we believe it is important to understand the key factors of the graffiti problem in Melbourne. This way we can be better informed to make decisions and provide better solutions for our customers in Melbourne.

Factors of graffiti in Melbourne

Graffiti in Melbourne is a problem that has spread in our community. This problem impacts the general and state government, as well as the police, public transportation, users, local communities and youth in different ways. Although graffiti in Melbourne is a problem with a high level of interest, there is a very limited criminological study that explores the characteristics of graffiti offenses and its impact in our community. This generates a challenge to develop new legislation and for the people involved in this activity.

Although it is clear that more research is needed, existing research considers that graffiti has a negative impact on the perception of the community regarding the safety of an area and the proper use of facilities.

Finding the right way to deal with the problem of graffiti in Melbourne will take time. The main reason is that graffiti is not a simple phenomenon and its popularity seems to remain. Currently there is a debate about the “place” that graffiti occupies in our society. On the one hand are those who defend their practice as they believe graffiti is an art form, on the other hand are those who see graffiti as pure vandalism. The debate revolves around the different reasons why people make graffiti and the characteristics of graffiti itself. What is clear is that the answers should be based on the practice itself and its local context. This includes the different types of graffiti produced, its frequency, its scope, methods used to produce them, affected areas, the time and the risk taken, the type of people involved and their motivation to make graffiti.

Understanding these factors will allow us to find better preventive measures for the graffiti issue and its negative impact on the community. What do you think?

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