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Understanding graffiti.

Not all graffiti is done by teenage misfits and not all vandalism is intended to harm others. Graffiti and vandalism are complex and multifaceted problems that require a variety of responses to solve it.

Removing graffiti like we do is part of the solution, especially if we don’t want it to re-appear. However, to completely remove graffiti from Melbourne, it is important to use a comprehensive approach to this problem, and understand its roots, as explained below.

It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is most evident in the response to graffiti. Most Metro riders consider graffiti ugly and anti-social; while for the authors, it is an expression of individuality in an impersonal world.

Some sociologists, writers and artists refer to graffiti as a sophisticated form of art called “spray can art”. As one writer explains, graffiti has existed since our first ancestors painted on the walls of caves.

Not all graffiti is motivated by the simple desire for self-publicity or attention. Some promote a cause -a propaganda tool.

Graffiti can also be more eye-pleasing than what it is supposedly ruining. Most of us have laughed at graffiti on more than one occasion. In addition, many boring walls and fences have been enlivened and brightened up by illegal graffiti murals.

Not all graffiti and vandalism has an anti-social nature. A lot of vandalism – estimated in about up to ¾ is done opportunistically. That is, as a result of poor design or for the use of materials that do not resist the use and degradation exposed to; this type of “vandalism” is made ​​by people adapting to their environment to make it work better. Or it may simply be caused by kids being kids. Opportunistic vandalism may not have intended to cause any harm, but the result is perceived by others as vandalism.

Examples of opportunistic vandalism are:

1) The damage created by doors with loose or very thin retainers in high traffic entrances.

2) Holes in bars or fences to create a shortcut

3) Damage in stands of stadiums because people step on them.

4) Doors broken open by curious children.

5) Bicycles resting on a store because there is no space elsewhere.

In most of these cases, the problem could have been avoided with a better design, better use of materials, or correct planning.

We have given advice to architects and builders on what kind of material and design should be used, not only to reduce the likelihood of graffiti attacks, but also to eliminate opportunistic vandalism.

For any questions or clarification to remove graffiti in Melbourne, do not hesitate to contact us.

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