Graffiti Removal In Melbourne

Why Graffiti Removal Is Necessary For Your Environment?

by Yair Frid, onGraffiti Removal , October 30, 2020

Graffiti Removal in Melbourne is necessary to improve safety and reduce the graffiti related issues like public disorder, shoplifting and property damage.

Graffiti removal in Melbourne has reached new costly thresholds. Although graffiti is considered art, in many cases, it brings adverse effects for local businesses, communities and entire cities. There is risk associated with making graffiti (tags, blockbusters, throw-ups, stencils), it is illegal. Whenever graffiti is put up, the artist is taking away another person’s right to a clean city, their property right, and their right to feel like they live in a safe, non-threatening environment. 

Graffiti removal is not cheap. The cost to remove graffiti in Melbourne exceeds $100 Million yearly. This is only the cost of public venues services paid by taxpayers, but the price increases when considering the private graffiti removal services. 

Although graffiti is a common problem, its severity varies from place to place. A single incident does not seem serious, but as it repeats, the cumulative effect is costly. When the initial graffitis not removed, it attracts more graffiti. Local graffiti patterns appear to emerge over time. Thus graffiti takes distinctive forms, is found in different areas, and may be associated with varying motives of graffiti offenders. These variable attributes offer essential clues to the control and prevention of graffiti.


Graffiti Related Issues 

Graffiti is not an isolated problem. Frequently it relates to other crime and disorder problems such as:

  • Public disorder, for example, littering, urination in public sites and loitering
  • Shoplifting of materials in local businesses, such as acrylic spray paint, oil paints crayons and markers.
  • Gangs and gang violence, as graffiti tags convey threats and identify turf boundaries
  • Property damage/destruction, such as damaged walls, broken windows or slashed bus or train seats.
  • Significantly decrease property value in areas where graffiti is common.

What seems to be a simple mark carries deep meaning to active members of the graffiti subculture. Also, those living alongside graffiti areas suffer the consequences. These people are frequently afraid to leave their homes or even have their home broken into. This creates mistrust and common fear among members of that community.


When graffiti is used to mark territory by gangs, it puts the community in the wrong hands. 

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Graffiti Removal in Melbourne


Graffiti Removal in Melbourne


Graffiti Removal in Melbourne


Common Targets and Locations of illegal graffiti

Graffiti is typically placed on venues adjacent to public space. It is commonly found in public transportation vehicles– trains, subways and buses, and in transit stations and shelters. 

Also, it is usually found on vehicles; walls were facing the street; freeway traffic signs and billboards; statues, monuments and bridges. Finally, it appears on vending machines, benches, poles, utility boxes, trees, sidewalks, parking garages, schools, business and residence walls, garages, fences, and sheds. In short, graffiti artists targets any place open to public view.


Particularly vulnerable targets: 

  • Easy-to-reach targets, such as signs
  • Particularly hard-to-reach areas, such as freeway overpasses
  • Highly visible places, such as building walls
  • Sites where a wall or fence is the primary security, and where there are few windows, employees or passersby
  • Low oversight areas.
  • Mobile targets like trains or buses.
  • Gang-controlled areas—taverns, bowling alleys, convenience store parking lots, and residential developments with many children or youth.

Additionally, two types of surfaces attract graffiti:

  • Light-coloured covers. Dark surfaces don’t attract as much graffiti but can be marred with light-coloured markers.
  • Large and bare surfaces. Surfaces with no windows or doors may be appealing for murals. Smooth surfaces mostly attract offenders who use felt-tip markers.


The debate of graffiti as vandalism or art will continue, as well as the cost to remove graffiti from private and public property. We explain in more detail the associated costs to Graffiti Removal on this article


Graffiti Removal in Melbourne

If you discover you have become the victim of a graffiti attack, contact us to discuss how we can provide you with the right service at a competitive price.