Graffiti Removal in Melbourne

Why should you take instant action when it comes to graffiti?

by Alfredo Mendoza, onGraffiti Removal , January 21, 2021

Graffiti removal in Melbourne cost thousands of dollars. Taking action quickly prevents the broken window effect on your neighbourhood and save the city heaps. On this article, we explore some protective measures against repeated graffiti attacks.


Probably you have seen tags or graffiti around the city when you go out. It comes in different colours, figures, shapes and words on houses, buildings, trains, fences, overpasses and any kind of surfaces. Graffiti ranges from tags to more complex compositions with several colours, but in almost every case, it is illegal and damages the community. 

Graffiti is a disease on our environment based on the massive effort and resources needed to combat it. Graffiti vandalism is a community issue that lowers property value and encourages more vandalism and other types of crime. 

A neighbourhood with graffiti suggests that the council and residents don’t care or are unable to cope with this issue. When left intact, tagging attracts more tagging. Looking to another way may affect even more the area. Thus, taking action against tagging and other illegal graffiti is imperative. 


To take action means: record, report and remove. 


Prompt response sends a clear message to graffiti offenders that the community would not tolerate it. Is important to remove tags as soon as you notice them. There are different methods to keep your property tagging-free, for example using antigraffiti coatings. Also, is important to report the graffiti to your local council individually and as a community. This would increase the security on your are and potentially reduce graffiti related offences. 



By taking action, you’re preventing your area from attracting more illegal graffiti and more serious crimes like burglary and assault, a result of the Broken Windows theory. According to Bernard E. Harcourt (full study here), the theory suggests that signs of disorder, such as broken windows and graffiti can urge individuals to break other social rules. 


24 Hours Graffiti Removal in Melbourne

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Graffiti Removal in Melbourne What to do


What to do if you see someone tagging? 

Ring 000 or your local police station. If possible record the offender with your phone, the video will be useful when Police arrive. 

Provide as much detail as you can: 

  • Location.
  • Description/s of offender/s.
  • The direction of travel if they leave.
  • Whether they are on foot or in a vehicle.
  • Plates number of the vehicle.

Normally Police respond quickly in Melbourne, don’t panic and stay in a safe place. Once the officer arrives, share the photos or videos that you recorded so they can log them into their database. This enables the prosecutors to quantify the tags created by the same individual and eventually to create a case. Police will prosecute the taggers, and they will prioritise to catch those who have repeatedly been reported. So, record and report!



Usually, taggers and graffiti artists repeat their crawls with high frequency for recognition and status. If the graffiti is removed quickly, they don’t get the final prize, and eventually, they look for a safer spot for their work. 

If you suffer repeated graffiti, get an antigraffiti coating (some coatings are transparent), so the tag is easy to remove and with no damage to the wall or the original paint. In case you don’t have a special coating, keep some paint handy so you can take action quickly. Rather than painting the whole wall or fence, paint a patch over the tag until the graffiti has ceased for an extended period. 


If your home has been tagged:

  • Remove the tag or graffiti as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hrs. You can call to Ablate 24/7 and for any graffiti removal in Melbourne.
  • If you don’t have any paint to cover the tag, avoid trying to remove it with detergents, solvents like thinner or oven cleaners. Depending on the type of paint used on the graffiti/tag, using the wrong chemical to remove it can make it worse. Always rely on a specialist. 
  • If you decide to DIY, be aware that the chemicals to remove graffiti can be hazardous, so make sure you use protective clothing and a mask. 
  • When graffiti has been painted over trees, rubbing the damaged areas with baking soda and rinsing with water should get the job done. 


24 Hours Graffiti Removal in Melbourne

We can help you to get a professional preventive pressure washing service. Call us 24 Hours, 7 days a weeks!

How to protect your property for future graffiti attacks? 


If you’re being continuously hit by taggers, there are a few tricks that can help you to prevent tagging:

  • Shrubs/trees. Plant some against walls and fences that can be exposed for tagging. Plants with pickles add an extra protection layer. 
  • Avoid having unpainted surfaces. Paint your fence and walls with standard colours. Unpainted surfaces are like magnets for taggers. 
  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings. Consider using an anti-graffiti coating. Once painted you will be able to promptly clean away graffiti in minutes. Some Coatings can even be pressured washing with no damage. 
  • Keep paint leftovers.  A small bucket of your fence/wall paint and a brush will help you to quickly cover the tag until it is properly removed.
  • Install motion-sensitive lights. Although it can sound expensive, having a motion sensor lighting system outdoors will prevent any illegal activity outside your property. 
  • Audit your property. Check if people can easily jump on to the roof. Also find what would be a good shelter spot for a tagger to hide. Try to remove them. 


Graffiti Removal In Melbourne

Help your city to be clean

On this article, we have covered some of the negative effects of illegal graffiti and tagging. Keep your property safe and avoid the broken-window theory to take over your neighbourhood. 

Taggers get away with their offences because the community is reluctant to record, report and remove. It only takes a few minutes to report graffiti vandalism, but a single tagger can cost thousands to the local councils and private property owners.