The impact of graffiti in BURWOOD EAST NURSERY

Broken Window Effect – The impact of graffiti vandalism in Eastern Suburbs

by Alfredo Mendoza, onGraffiti RemovalNews , July 14, 2021

The impact of graffiti goes beyond the monetary cost, it enhances the broken window effect and vandalism across Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

The impact of graffiti is evident in East Melbourne. From former gyms and restaurants to old nurseries and huge brickworks, eastern suburbs suffer graffiti eyesores in every corner. The council is planning an extreme makeover to take back the area from taggers.

The broken window effect has expanded in what seems to be an abandoned area. In this article, we will analyse some examples of the impact of vandalism in one of the most beautiful suburbs of Melbourne.


The Ferntree Gully Rd site has been abandoned since the gym closed in 2016.

The old gym became the shelter for vandals since closing in 2016. The building has been trashed with smashed windows and walls, graffiti and dirty floors covered with litter. The neighbours are desperate for it to be torn down. 

After five years of abandonment, the venue is fenced with household rubbish, including coaches, fridges, and other furniture dumped nearby. Mayor Brian Little is about to start the construction of 65 townhouses, beginning on July 30 this year. He said there had been no application at this stage for a permit extension.


Once a prolific nursery, now a graffiti-covered eyesore, the nursery on Burwood Highway is covered with rubbish and vandalism rife. Garden Sheds Galore and Paradise Gardens Nursery Cafe windows are smashed after years of vacancy. 

Whitehorse Council authorities mentioned that they are speaking with the owner to help remove the graffiti and rubbish. Peter Smith is trying to recover the area since last December, but the projects haven’t started yet. 


The restaurant is covered with graffiti and needles, abandoned since 2017.

After shutting down for shocking food safety breaches, the all-you-can-eat Food Star Knox City restaurant is abandoned since 2017. The building awaits demolition ahead of a massive apartment development plan.

The site, which is in deplorable condition at the moment, is in the area know as Knox Central. The council wants to transform this area into “the most well know and population destination in East Melbourne”.

The building has a sign at the front announcing an auction in the coming weeks. Soon it will be a 94 apartment building plus luxury townhouses.

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The roadside restaurant that will “definitely not disappoint“, a foodies destination in Melbourne on Burwood Highway, closed last year. Rubish has now been dumped outside On It Burgers restaurant, and windows are smashed. 

Matt Kelleher, Knox Council city strategy and integrity director, said that the council is still waiting for inquiries and applications for the site. 

“If vacant properties pose a safety risk or are deemed unsightly, the council can order the owner to clean up or take action to prevent vandals, or we can undertake this work directly at the owner’s expense,” Mr Kelleher said.


A student accommodation building has deteriorated into a playground for vandals. The Student Centre located in Hay St Hill south is a garbage dump after few years vacant.

Fortunately for the fed-up neighbours, The golden Age group bought the site for $61m earlier this year and is planning to turn it into a modern townhouse recint.


One of the most significant blocks of land in East Melbourne has been abandoned for years.

A Whitehorse Council spokesperson said a permit for the site allows the development of 172 dwellings, buildings and works in a heritage overlay, along with other public spaces such as parks and roads.

Currently, the venue is covered with graffiti, rubbish and smashed windows. It looks completely abandoned. The permit for construction will expire by January 2023 in case of not requesting an extension.

“The land is an eyesore, and residents have been waiting for seven years for something to happen,” Whitehorse councillor Ben Stennett said.

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The impact of graffiti goes beyond monetary cost.